Pa. borough to study future recreation needs

January 31, 2003|by STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The Chambersburg Recreation Department wants to move forward this spring with a comprehensive study of the borough's recreation needs.

The borough received a $22,500 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources, which it will match with funds from the Recreation Department's budget.

Of that, $40,000 will go toward the study to map out future recreation needs.

Recreation Superintendent Herb Dolaway said he is developing a request for proposals and is aware of at least eight agencies interested in receiving it.


He expects to interview the firms in March or April and select a consultant by May.

From there, Dolaway said, it would take about six months to complete the study.

The study will address "some of the issues we talked in and around and over and through for quite a while," he said.

The consulting firm will interview people in the community to get feedback on recreation needs.

Dolaway said he is putting together a committee of residents to meet monthly about what the study should cover.

He has said he anticipates holding at least three public meetings to give people the opportunity to voice their opinions on the borough's recreation needs.

The study will take into account the borough's current policy of recreation land dedication by developers. Residential developers can either pay a fee to the borough or dedicate acreage for recreation use within the development.

The council is considering changing the policy to possibly increase the requirements.

The study also will look at the fact that a high percentage of people who use the facilities are not borough residents and whether the townships or school district will have roles.

The remaining $5,000 from the grant will go toward a master site plan for Mike Waters Park on South Second Street.

The site plan would include a study of all possible uses of the park.

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