Mail Call for 1/29

January 30, 2003

"Does anyone know of a hiking club in the area? Either the Appalachian Trail or any hiking club at all."

"To Bob Tracey at the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, maybe if you treat your help with respect and honor, maybe you would have more help and then that would give you more members and prestige."

"To the people who are complaining about the homeless going into the library during the day. Stop and look at yourself, someday you may be in their shoes and need a place. If they aren't hurting anyone and are using the books and papers to read, at least it is somewhere they can go where they aren't on the streets. Give them a break."

"I wanted to thank the person who also recognized any quality in any Hagerstown Church. I don't believe God feels that the minister's are the only ones entitled to benefits."


"I know a young couple who is having a real hard time and they are expecting their first baby. They could really use some baby clothes. If anyone has any to give away, please call 301-766-0883. Thank you very much."

"I wanted to comment about how the kids are dressing in schools. First of all, kids learn from their elders and I see people, men and women that don't know how to dress, especially the women and how they dress at work. I can see how some young people if they are going out to dance, but at school, they should be told how to dress."

"This is my recipe for candy coated nuts, one cup brown sugar, one half cup white sugar, one half cup sour cream. Cook till soft boil, add one teaspoon of vanilla, beat until thick, stir in nuts until well coated. Turn out on greased platter, separate them after cooled. Two and a half cups of nuts is plenty."

"I read recently about the homeless situation at the library and I hope someone has found a place for them to be in this frigid weather. Have like a training program so they can find work and eventually find a place to live. Hopefully someone out there with the means will be able to provide a temporary place for them to stay rather than at the library."

"To the person who wanted to know when the Legends of the Hager House is on, it's on Channel 65, Saturday, Feb. 1, at 7 p.m. It is also on Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. through March 2."

"I am the reunion secretary of the HHS Class of 1940. Would the person who borrowed my framed graduation pictures of Woodland Way and Hagerstown High School, Class of 1940, at our reunion on Sept. 22, 2002, at Fountainhead Country Club, please call me at 301-733-0601. HJFS. Thank you."

"I think that a dress code is a bad idea. Students deserve a chance to express themselves and dress the way they want to, while they still have a chance to. When they into the business world, they will have to learn soon enough how they have to dress. Let them be kids for crying out loud."

"I want to tell the lady who said about the Salvation Army. I worked for the Salvation Army at Christmas, ringing the bells. You don't realize that when we ring the bells, we ring them for a different reason. We ring the bell for needy kids. Another thing, The Salvation Army tells you that you are going to get a $25 bonus and then they don't give it to you. This is unfair to the ones out there working in the cold, especially the ones that don't have those little houses to stand in."

"I live in the Boonsboro area and every time I go to turn the 25Alive news on Channel 12 at 5 p.m. it is so fuzzy, you can't even see it. All the other stations are fine. At night time, you just can't watch Channel 12 at all because it is so fuzzy. What is going on?"

"I am a concerned parent of a student at Williamsport High School. They are putting on a play, which is very vulgar and adult oriented. I think the Board of Education should check into this situation to see who is at fault, whether the principal or vice principal or who."

"I think your circulation manager should look into the delivery people for the Herald-Mail Express. On Jan. 25, the South End recycling bin, there were bundles of those papers already in there."

"The person who called in on Jan. 27 about the city of Hagerstown Bulk Trash pickup. Well if the city would have the dumpsters out twice a year and have people show ID where they can dump it, then it would save people money. You should be able to find someone with a truck that can take it to the dump for you, which would be cheaper than $20 a truck load from the city. Furthermore, if the city would have done the pick ups like they should have, there wouldn't have been so much trash sitting out here for eight weeks and made the town look like a slum."

"My name is Barbara Gallaway and I wanted to lift my support for the Williamsport High School and the production they are putting on."

"Can someone tell me if I live off Mount Tabler Road on Rush Run Road, where would I sign my child up for softball?"

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