Mail Call for 1/27

January 28, 2003

"I am calling from Washington County Commission on Aging to let Mail Call readers know that we are currently offering free preparation of both federal and state income tax returns for area seniors and the disabled. The returns are prepared at our offices in the Alexander House in Hagerstown Public Square or in the homes of the ones who are unable to travel. To receive more information on program guidelines or to make an appointment, please contact Hannah Cramer at the Commission on Aging at 301-790-0275, ext. 209."

"Does anyone know the day, time and channel that the Legends of the Hager House is on?"

"I am calling to let you know that I support the Williamsport High School play that they are putting on."

"The city of Hagerstown has decided to change its bulk trash pick-up to calling up and scheduling a truck to come up and pick up your bulk trash. What if you only have one chair to get rid of, why is it fair to charge $20 for one item? All the residents out there that completely loaded up the sidewalk to the second floor, just ruined one of the only good things that this town had to offer. I hope all you people are happy now."


"I agree that dress codes and standards for the students need to be enforced. All the principals also need to be responsible for the positive image their teachers portray. They need to set an example in their appearance every day also."

"To whoever made the decision for the children to go to school on Thursday without a delay. We sure hope that you were nice and warm while the poor kids waited for school buses or walked to school in minus 10 degree weather. We hope you feel guilty."

"If the experts are telling people not to go out in this extreme cold, then why were our children made to go to school without a delay? It sounds like someone wasn't doing their job properly."

"A few weeks ago I had some furniture to dispose of, a sofa, loveseat, chair, two tables and a TV. I called the Salvation Army on Frederick Street to see what their hours were so I could take these items over to their store. I went to tell the woman that answered the phone what I had, when I went to tell her a sofa (which was the only thing I had a chance to tell her) she wanted to know if it was damaged or soiled. My comment to her was two of the cushions, the fabric was worn and she said they wouldn't accept it because there was nobody there to repair the items. There was nothing wrong with this furniture, and these people stand on the street corners and in malls ringing their bells for donations at Christmas and send out their letters for donations and then turn down useable items. Have these organizations become so big that they only want monetary donations?"

"The Anita Lynne Home collects newspapers, that number is 301-791-0011 and ask for Kelli."

"What can I do about static electricity? Everything in the house jumps onto my clothes, even my cat. Every time I touch him I shock him. What can be done?"

"I am so glad to hear that the Board of Education is considering a dress code for all schools in Washington County. I am so glad that someone is finally thinking about the dress code. Too many schools and parents are letting their children wear whatever the stores are selling."

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