Letters to the editor - 1/27/03

January 27, 2003

Salary issue won't go away

To the editor:

The controversy that Washington County Commissioner John Munson has gotten himself into has four viable options.

Give the $10,000 increase in your salary back to the taxpayers, even though it will cost you several hundred dollars in additional income tax.

Donate the $10,000 to a local charity that depends on county funding, thus saving the taxpayers that amount. You will also benefit by the tax-deductible contribution.

Keep the $10,000 and spend the next four years trying to convince the voters that you are a man of your word and can be trusted.



It is pretty much up to you, Mr. Munson, what value you place on honesty and integrity. One thing for sure, this issue will plague you throughout your one and only term in office.

Jim Smith


Give Williamsport, Les Miz a break

To the editor:

I am absolutely appalled at the way Williamsport High School is being treated! Apparently all of these people who don't want Les Miserables to go on are afraid to put their names in the paper.

If you think you are adult enough to stand up to something and publicly write about it, then be adult enough to admit your name.

My name is Nicole and I graduated from Williamsport in 2001, I was a Sophisticat for all four years of high school. Miss Ridenour deserves so much credit for everything she has done and will do. Teaching is her life, and her emotions and heart are put into all that she has accomplished.

Half of the people complaining about this have probably not even seen or read Les Miserables. High school students are more mature than you think and can definitely handle this play. If you don't like it then don't come, but you will be missing one of the greatest productions that Williamsport has ever put on. I completely support you, Miss Ridenour, and I will see you opening night!

Nicole Ritchey


North needs a stadium

To the editor:

I've read a couple of letters to the editor against the proposed stadium at North High. Both of them said that South got the stadium and North got the bigger auditorium. That decision was based on the hospital beside North.

Greg Slick and others finally figured out that they could build on the other side of the school, so my question is, how long do they have to abide by a decision that was made in the mid '50s?

People that live in any area where something is to be built, always seem to be against it. It happened with a proposed Washington County Speedway, which of course didn't get built, it's happening with the development that Manny Shaool wants to build and also happened at the site of the Pangborn parking lot.

I think North High deserves a stadium. They propose to raise the money by themselves. I think they should raise some of it, but not all of it.

I filmed football for Smithsburg for 16 years, so I've seen a lot of schools and all of them had a stadium, but the one that sticks in my mind is Walkins Mill. It was a brand new school back in 1989, they had computers in every classroom, a well-lit parking lot and a football stadium with lights. I bet nobody had to raise any money for any of that.

They propose to build one like they have at Williamsport. I just hope they build a better press box. They never seem to take into consideration the space that's really needed for the camera men and the coaching staff. The best one is probably at Smithsburg. I pick that over School Stadium, mainly because South's upper deck is exposed to Mother Nature and our cameras aren't water proof.

The worst is at Walkersville. It's just too low, so I hope that the people at North have taken a good look around the league and come to a good decision before deciding on the design of the press box. Some schools have small windows and that makes it hard to film with a tripod and keep it in one spot.

I think the time has come, it's certainly long overdue. Good luck, North.

Roger Shank


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