Mail Call for 1/24

January 27, 2003

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I was told to call my delegate personally. I called him before the inauguration, he never called back. What good does it do to call? Before the next election, you should make sure what your delegate stands for and how helpful he will be if you have a problem."

- Hagerstown

"John Munson is talking about cutting county jobs. John Munson needs to start by cutting his job and the extra $10,000 that he said he wouldn't take and now all the commissioners have walked away with $30,000 a year. They make more than the average county employee and this is a total disgrace."

"I want to thank Rich Gaber, my snow angel, for plowing me out this winter. He did my driveway and also three or four other neighbors without even being asked. Thank you."


"As an African American, I am offended that Waynesboro didn't celebrate Martin Luther King Day on Monday even though it was a national holiday."

- Greencastle, Pa.

"This is a plea to any police officer. My children go to Pangborn Elementary and in the morning the traffic across that road is dangerous. Cars are driving at least 60 miles an hour. On Wednesday there was this blue Cavalier that was speeding across there. There are children who walk across there from that apartment complex and I am afraid one of them is going to get hit. So, come on, police officers, patrol that area for a couple of days and you will see how many tickets you will be able to give out. I am afraid for the safety of the children."

"I want to thank Bob at Martin's on Pennsylvania Avenue for his assistance in helping me get my hood open on my car. Thank you so much for helping me get my hood open."

"I was reading the paper the other day and I would like to thank Nora Roberts for her time and money to revitalize downtown Boonsboro. It was very nice of her."

"To all my Republican friends, I hope you are as disappointed as I am in our county commissioners. I am embarrassed by voting Republican."

"Could someone tell me the truth? I was told during the campaign that John Munson and Don Munson are brothers and now I hear that they aren't brothers at all. This would have changed my vote."

"I agree with the person who said that they could get rid of a few county commissioners to save money. That is a good idea. Get rid of John Munson and Greg Snook."

"I agree with the person who said that the churches don't treat their employees properly because they don't get the same as the pastors or the benefits or the perks."

"Winter Street School has a big issue about students attending school regularly. Then why did they only send out one grade for recess on the coldest day of the year? They were sent out every day."

"To the person who wanted to know about how to preserve bananas in fruit salad. Cut them and put them in pineapple juice for about an hour. That should stop them from browning in the fruit salad."

"I found a set of keys in the alley behind North Potomac Street, right behind the old armory. If anyone lost a set of keys, call 301-733-6063, ext. 246 and leave your name and number and a description."

"Concerning the dress codes that they are considering for the public schools in Washington County, I think they should make the students dress like human beings instead of the freak shows that we see. Personally, I am sick and tired of seeing some freak with pins through his nose and green hair and apparel that looks like it came out of a circus sideshow."

"I am wondering why students aret sent outside for a half an hour recess in these frigid temperatures? My child has been sent outside for a half an hour every day this week at Winter Street Elementary School. Maybe the staff should spend the half an hour outside with the students. The Board of Education should do something about this."

"To prevent bananas from turning brown in fruit salad, dice the bananas, then dice up an orange and squeeze the juice. You can also dice up apples to put in the fruit salad and the orange juice will stop them from turning brown also."

- Boonsboro

"Soak the bananas in lemon juice, then put them in your fruit salad and that will stop them from turning brown."

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