How to prepare your house for cold weather

January 23, 2003

  • Allegheny Energy offers the following suggestions for preparing your home for cold weather:

  • Make sure your home is insulated.

  • Install wood- or metal-frame storm windows to provide a second thickness of glass and a layer of still air that slows heat transmission.

  • Replace broken window glass, worn weather stripping and improperly fitting doors.

  • Install tight-fitting dampers and glass doors on fireplaces, and close them when fireplaces aren't in use.

  • Keep the overhead door of an attached garage closed to block cold air from infiltrating the house - and keep the connecting door to the house closed.

  • Make sure draperies and furniture aren't blocking hot-air registers in your house.

  • Open draperies on south-facing windows on sunny winter days to take advantage of available solar heat.

  • Use bath and kitchen exhaust fans only when needed during the heating season; fans draw heated air out of your home.

  • n Check your furnace filter at least once a month during the heating season and replace it as needed.

The Berkeley County Office of Emergency Services also recommends taking measures to prevent pipes from freezing - wrapping pipes in insulation or old newspapers will help; let faucets drip a little, and, just in case, know how to shut off water valves.

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