City man gets 31 years added to prison sentence

January 23, 2003|by MARLO BARNHART

Already serving a 20-year prison sentence for distribution of heroin, a Hagerstown man was sentenced Wednesday to 31 more years on additional drug and weapons offenses.

The new sentences imposed Wednesday on Victor Thomas Winegardner were for possession with intent to distribute both heroin and marijuana, possession of morphine and possession of a firearm in conjunction with drug trafficking, said Sgt. Mark Holtzman, director of the Washington County Narcotics Task Force in a press release.

The conviction came after a jury convicted him of the charged Wednesday.

Winegardner, 32, was sentenced on the new convictions by Washington County Circuit Judge John McDowell, according to Holtzman.

Winegardner, who had a felony drug conviction from 1993, was taken into custody Feb. 5 in the raid on a residence in the 100 block of South Locust Street and charged with a variety of drug offenses, Holtzman said.

In addition, three firearms charges arising from his status as a convicted drug felon were also lodged at that time, Holtzman said.


That raid prompted Maryland officials to investigate procedures of the Hagerstown Methadone Treatment Center after vials of methadone marked with clinic labels were found in the home.

On May 23 while out on bond after the February arrest, Winegardner sold heroin to an undercover informant resulting in charges of distribution of heroin, Holtzman said. It was for that offense that Winegardner was sentenced to his first 20 years in November 2002 by Judge Frederick C. Wright III.

Winegardner won't be eligible for parole during the first 10 years of his sentences for each heroin conviction because of the 1993 drug conviction, Holtzman said.

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