Mail Call for 1/20

January 21, 2003

"My husband has applied to the county for a job a few times. A while back in the newspaper you had a story about the county hiring relatives. I was wondering if the county hires others that aren't relatives."

"I'd like to make a suggestion to have a traffic light put in at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and North Point Drive. It's very hard to turn onto that road with the amount of traffic going by there."

"To the person who wanted to know where New Beginnings Builders' Surplus store was located. It is located at 18113 Maugans Ave., Hagerstown, on the left side of the road coming from Hagers-town, first building after U.A.W. Union Hall. The phone number is 301-797-3190. The manager's name is Gary."

"I am the person who called in once before about the cure for toe fungus. Get a jar of Vicks Vapo Rub, every morning, before you put your socks on and every night after you take your bath, rub each toe with Vicks making sure that you rub it into the nails. It will take months and months, but you will eventually have beautiful toenails again."


"The New Beginnings Builders Surplus store is located on Maugans Avenue, it is right beside the elementary school in Maugansville. They have a little bit of everything. I would shop there before I go any place else."

"I agree with the caller concerning the play Williamsport High School is putting on. Not only is the language not appropriate for high school students, but the whole story line is offensive. I have seen that play on Broadway and I feel that is where they should keep it, on Broadway in New York. Please write to your officials and have this play stopped. I will not be attending this play."

"I think Linn Hendershot is a real role model for the handicapped people in this area."

"You have to wonder about Americans these days. Who is really an American and who is working toward eliminating terrorism? Patty Murray, a Democratic California Senator, gave a big speech to a high school class and she praised bin Laden as being a great humanitarian, building schools, etc. She forgot to mention all the other little good things he has done. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is a federal offense during war time. We are at war, so who is going to prosecute Patty Murray?"

"When I was 65, an insurance agent called me to make an appointment to sell me Medicare supplement. After telling me what the monthly premium was, he told me I would be getting a life insurance policy included. When I received the policies, I didn't examine either policy as I thought Medicare is Medicare and the other policy was a gift. I started noticing that the premium was rising. I went back into the policy to see what the premium was for the Medicare supplement when I started. Accidentally I opened the life insurance policy and up in the corner was a figure $59.95. It came to me that perhaps I was paying for the life insurance policy, too. When I called the insurance company and asked about it, they told me yes, I was paying for it! I asked the agent to call me. When he came to my house and I confronted him, he told me that was the way they used to sell Medicare supplement but they don't do it that way anymore. He never told me there were two separate premiums, as it was deducted from my bank account as one figure. Trying to prove this and trying to get my money back has been impossible. I would have had to have a tape recording of his statement and that was impossible. I can't believe that I am the only person in Hagerstown who encountered such a scam. If any of you senior readers has had this happen to you, could you please call me at 301-733-8006. If there is no answer, please call me in the evening."

"I am calling in regards to the day care provider who is looking for car seats. Please don't take a used car seat, you don't know the condition or if it's been in an accident, you can't tell. Or if it's expired, they do have a time limit on how effective they will be. So don't take just any used car seats."

"If we didn't have George Bush, Charlie Reese wouldn't have a column. That is all he knows what to write about, Bash Bush."

"I see where City Councilman Linn Hendershot came up with another one of his brilliant ideas to have election day on a Saturday. The last thing people are going to want to do on a Saturday is vote. Where does he get these ideas from?"

"I am trying to find a Hedgehog Beanie Baby. It was made back in 1999. I am trying to find one for my daughter. Let me know where I can find one."

"I was wondering why the Hagerstown Police Department is so special that when they get a promotion they are always in the paper?"

"For those of you who don't realize that pop can tabs are recyclable, they are. Contact Doris, she is the president of the Ladies Auxiliary at the AMVETS on Frederick Street. They take all your tabs for Johns Hopkins and the Ronald McDonald Foundation."

"I would like to know why the drivers and other staff on the buses and vans from ARC are allowed to smoke with people in the van? The person I care for, when they get off the bus in the afternoon and come in the house, all I can smell is cigarette smoke coming off their clothes. I don't think that it's right for them to have to be exposed to that."

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