Shippensburg employees honored

January 20, 2003

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - Shippensburg University recently honored its employees for their achievements and for years of service.

The Employee Recognition Award is given for Innovative Ideas, Problem Solving, Team Effort, Customer Service and Community/Volunteer Service. This year's recipients are:

  • Lisa Cline, Lehman Library clerk typist, Community/Volunteer Service. She was selected based on her extensive efforts in the past five years to raise funds and awareness about cancer.

  • Grace Miller and Barry Russell, Cumberland Union Building, Team Effort. Miller and Russell are dedicated to keeping the union building clean and well maintained.

  • Debra Booz, Customer Service, Problem Solving and Team Effort. Booz is known for her willingness to engage and complete tasks beyond the scope of her position.

  • Laura Bonanni and Tammy Swope, Team Effort. Since December 2002, the athletic department has been without an associate director of athletics. During that time, Bonanni and Swope have helped keep the department running smoothly and efficiently.

A total of 111 employees were honored upon their retirement or for their service. They are:

  • Retirees: John F. Brown, Susan C. Brown, Delores S. Campbell, Tanya S. Fleegle, Ronald E. Fraker, Steven J. Heckler, Carl A. Henry, Julia M. Ile, Paul G. Kaiser, Billy J. Langley, Thomas E. McFeely, Janet L. Neidigh, Robert S. Nickey, Debra K. Ocker, Susan M. Peiper, Genevieve R. Reese, Melva J. Scheaffer and Laurie A. Shoop.

  • 35 years of service: Barbara B. Boyer, Delores S. Campbell, James Coolsen, William A. Freeman and Richard A. Guyer.

  • 30 years of service: John R. Alosi, John M. Beam, Susan C. Brown, Charles L. Clevenger, Gary J. Foltz, Nancy L. Fritz, Carole S. Gardner, Richard E. Kling, Sally A. Markee, Joseph H. Martin, Doris C. McCans, Veronica H. Mowery, Robert S. Nickey, Victoria J. Rideout, Madelyn F. Valunas, Margaret Warren and Melinda B. Wise.

  • 25 years of service: Dennis Baker, Janet Bard, Gary L. Diehl, Ellen M. Fogelsonger, Anthony C. Gardner, Christine K. Ocker, Kathryn L. Poper and Harriet Varner.

  • 20 years of service: Terry A. Conyers, Lois M. Dudiak, Rhonda S. Eckenrode, David L. Horst, Stephen R. Horton, Diane M. Kalathas, Terry L. Killinger, Dennis A. Kunkleman, Rick E. Ruth, Linda F. Smith, John R. Wells, Thomas E. Witherow and Rodger L. Yohe.

  • 15 years of service: Donna L. Ackelsberg, Jeannette A. Chamberlain, Sharon K. Chamberlin, Molly Clippinger, Freda M. Durf, Tony M. Emondi, Thomas E. Enderlein, Donald Gettel, Thomas A. Graham III, Joyce Y. Harding, Janet C. Janifer, Donna M. Jones, Ruth Koser, Donna L. Loy, Darrell L. Miller, Penny Myers, Delores B. Scott, Justin R. Strickler, Gregg Thuemmel, William E. Varner Jr., Diane L. Wenger, David F. Wozniak and Charles Yocum Jr.

  • 10 years of service: Barbara Baker, Lynne Baxter, Stephanie A. Berger, Martin J. Bigler Jr., Laura Jean Byers, Sandy Clough, Elsie Curtis, Paula Farner, Melinda D. Fawks, Bernadine R. Frate, Hope F. Frye, Joann W. Hosfelt, Margaret Jumper, Deborah C. Lee, Elaine Marlin, Robin M. Maun, Barry K. McClanahan, Linda K. Miller, Dottie Mitchell, Joyce S. Mumford, Cindy Newell, Connie Newell, Susan Ott, Sandy Rauber, Sherry Runshaw, Daniel J. Stine and David T. Twining.
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