Mail Call for 1-17

January 20, 2003

"I feel sorry for our new incoming governor for the mess he is walking into left by Glendening."

"I want to know why the policeman is allowed to bring his daughter to school every morning to Western Heights in the police cruiser. To me that is using money that the citizens pay taxes for his own transportation for his daughter. Nobody else pays for other people's children to ride to school in a police cruiser and why should he be allowed to?"

"The weatherman is calling for another snow, so I guess the children are going to have to be walking the sidewalks with snow not shoveled off the pavements. I don't know why they don't enforce this. These children have to get out here in the mornings and walk to school and half of them have to walk out in the street to get around the sidewalks that aren't cleaned off. Who do you have to contact to see why this isn't taken care of?"


"The company I work for supplies me with the company truck. If I got drunk and wrecked this truck, the company would take the truck away and the insurance company probably wouldn't pay for me. Now if I worked for the state and got drunk and wrecked the company truck, would the state take the vehicle or would they let me keep on driving and then maybe the next time I would kill someone and then the state could pay for them or their families for the rest of their lives."

"I am a resident of Funkstown and I have lived here for about 25 years, I have been retired for about 10 years. I read in Tuesday's paper another article about enlarging the Funkstown Park, they keep saying that they are going to enlarge the park and that they need another pavilion and they need a larger park. They don't even get people in the park that they have now. They have ball games in the summer, but not many, they don't have many people using the pavilions, they use it on Saturday nights for their music singing and dancing when they have re-enactments, they have the town picnic in the summer and a few other times and that is it. This would be such a waste of money."

"I was reading in the paper on Tuesday, Jan. 14 where they had another meeting about the new housing going up between Marsh Pike and Leitersburg Pike and how the neighbors out there are fighting against it. I hope all you neighbors band together and put a stop to it. There is too many of these places around Washington County. I am sure that the person who is building it doesn't live in a housing development or close to one, or he would know what it was like. It ruins that value of the property. So stick together and put a stop to this."

- Hagerstown

"What was Ron Bowers doing out at that time with a state vehicle? Who is going to pay for the repairs?"

"Hey, of all places for people to walk their dogs. Why do they insist on always walk their dogs on school property? We are talking about elementary, middle and high school where a lot of kids come in contact with dog feces. You say, how is that possible when everyone cleans up after their dog? That is not true. Someone is not telling the truth because there is an awful lot of dog feces on school property. If you don't think so, just ask the custodian or someone taking care of the grounds."

"'Candid Camera' is on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. on Antietam Cable channel 23 or if you have an antenna it is channel 60, WWPX TV in Martinsburg."

"I want to thank the volunteer at the Robinwood Medical Center. He was so kind to my mother and me. My mother had trouble walking and he went and got her a wheelchair and he helped her to the doctor's office, after seeing the doctor he helped us back to our car. He had a red coat on and I saw on his identification tag, it was CV. I would like to thank him again and God bless him."

"Property owners of Washington County, wake up. Get on the phone to your state legislators, we don't want this transfer tax. Our county commissioners have had the authority to impose the impact fees since 1990, they refuse to do so. They are going to do what they want to do. They want to make us existing residents pay for the development. I am not anti-development, but let it be on the new homes. You think about it now, you figure that you aren't going to sell your house any time soon, right, but you will one day and you will want to downsize to a smaller house. Then watch everything you work for, everyone will get a cut along the way, the real estate agent, the state, everyone, and now Washington County wants a cut. Even though you have paid thousands and thousands of property taxes over the years. Don't let them have the power."

"Perhaps instead of eliminating two people off the Board of Education, maybe the County Commissioners should pass something where they have to have an election every two years, that way we can get rid of them. They haven't even been in office for a month and they have already thought about three or four taxes that they want to raise. So much for conservative Republicans, or conservative anything for that matter."

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