Tax setoff money up from 2002

January 20, 2003|by TARA REILLY

Washington County will disburse approximately $95,000 more in property tax rebate money this fiscal year to Hagerstown and other towns in the county, officials said this week.

The rebate, known as tax setoff money, partially reimburses municipalities for police, parks and road services.

The county will allocate $1.12 million to the municipalities this year. That is $95,370 more than last year's allocation of about $1.03 million, an increase of 9.29 percent, according to county documents.

The tax setoff is calculated based on population, assessable tax base and taxable income.

Hagerstown will receive the largest increase, with the rebate money going up by 9.55 percent. The city will receive $899,063, up from $820,663 last year.


Boonsboro will receive the second largest amount, $68,691, up from $63,095 in fiscal 2002.

The County Commissioners met with the Boonsboro Town Council Tuesday night to announce the amount of the rebate.

The commissioners will meet with the following municipalities over the next several weeks to inform them of the tax setoff money they will receive. The amounts of money are listed.

  • n Hancock will receive $42,273, up from $38,829.

  • Williamsport will receive $45,778, up from $42,049.

  • Funkstown will receive $5,239, down from $5,277.

  • Smithsburg will receive $52,591, up from $48,306.

  • Sharpsburg will receive $3,683, down from $3,709.

  • Keedysville will receive $2,569, down from $2,589.

  • Clear Spring will receive $2,000, the same amount it received last year.

County officials said they will lead a committee this year to study a new method to reimburse towns and possibly remove the cap on how much municipalities can receive.

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