Letters to the editor - 1/20/03

January 20, 2003

Whose fault are bad tenants?

To the editor:

In regard to the debate on the pros and cons of the soon-to-be-enacted rental registration inspection program, I'd like to make a comment to the landlords regarding the tenants who destroy their property.

How many of you require and conduct a thorough background check to include police, credit, employment and references from previous landlords? Or how many of you are just holding your hand out for the money each month, not caring from whom it comes or from where it was obtained?

If you are among the latter, shame on you and you deserve whatever happens. It's also because of you and your lack of concern that nice neighborhoods deteriorate into slums and reduce nearby property values.

Your lack of concern increases the nuisance factor in the neighborhood and, in some cases, creates safety factors. You are the type of landlord that the rental inspection should target.


S.A. Thomas


Ugly, ugly Tim

To the editor:

Bob Maginnis said in a recent column that those of us who write letters to the editor should refrain from using personal attacks and that it is hard enough to get good people to run for office without subjecting them to such nastiness.

I am not trying to quote you here. The thing is the "woof" business with Penny is going to roll off just as all the other personal ugliness aimed at her has. She'll go get a tee or sweat shirt with the picture of a howling dog, but Councilwoman Carol Moller is another matter.

She tries to conduct herself as an old- fashioned lady would, and I am guessing - from working beside her for five years at The Bookstore - that the really ugly remarks about her clothing hurt her. And she does not deserve to have been included in that petty, ugly little diatribe, especially when Councilman Lew Metzner and Mayor William Breichner were not. Carol goes to every meeting she is assigned to and tries to attend many others she isn't.

I do not agree with her most of the time and I am even occasionally angry when I address her directly. But it is a direct, face-to-face meeting where she can defend herself; there is no way any of Tim Rowland's victims can respond without dignifying his ugliness.

And Rowland has never been to a council meeting, much less engaged any of these people in a face-to-face meeting for the record. He owes those serving in office the basic right of a conversation in person for the record to turn this from an unfair, personal assualt.

Mary Haines


Church tour was great

To the editor:

On Dec. 29, 13 churches in the Smithsburg area participated in the Holiday Tour of The Churches, sponsored by SACA (Smithsburg Area Church Association).

On behalf of SACA, we would like to thank the many people from the Tri-State area who visited our area churches. A special thank you also goes to our co-ordinator, Diane Giffin of Hedgesville, W.Va., the planning committee, and the many volunteers who caused this event to happen.

Also a special thank you to Marlo Barnhart, The Herald-Mail and all other forms of media coverage.

Rev. Dean Mouk

Welty Church of the Brethren

SACA President

Good care for mom

To the editor:

The family of Sylvia R. Culler wishes to thank relatives, pastors, friends, Dr. Paul Orange and caregivers (at the Village of Laurel Run) for their continuous visits, correspondence and care during the past 13-plus years.

The loving support and care mother received made her quality of life much better. We, her children, are indeed grateful.

Thank you for your prayers and warm expressions of sympathy.

Martha Cutchall

Leona Anderton

Lloyd A. Culler

Wm. Edgar Culler

Zullinger, Pa.

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