Mail Call for 1/16

January 17, 2003

"For the student at North High complaining about taking 15 minutes to stand in line to buy her lunch and it only gives her 15 minutes to eat it. I have a child at South High and I also have a child at Emma K. Doub, they experience the same problem. My children take their lunch, that is the only way to go."

"If anyone knows of a person or organization that collects newspapers, leave the information in Mail Call. Thank you."

"I am reading an article in the Jan. 14 Daily Mail about a store called New Beginnings Builders Surplus. It says to stop by and what their hours are, but it doesn't give an address whatsoever."

"Some time ago someone called in with a cure for fungus on toenails. I didn't write it down. Would you please repeat the remedy?"

"I am currently a day care provider looking for car seats that people may have stored away and not using. If anyone has any, call 301-797-1909 or if you have any that you want to sell, call me."


"I am calling about the play that is going to be put on at Williamsport School. I understand that the school wants our children to use language that we as parents punish our children for using. I am strongly against this. We need to take a stand for what we feel is right or wrong. If we don't, what will come next from the schools?"

"I just read in the paper where the city is offering recycling bins to the city residents. They say this will increase the tipping fee. Why should city residents have to pay a tipping fee, they pay county taxes also?"

"Whatever happened to the lady that handed out $60,000 in cash to poor black people and students by Robert Ehrlich during the governor's campaign? I notice that The Herald-Mail hasn't done any reporting on this."

"I was reading in the paper the other day where the mayor of Hagerstown wants to raise taxes. I would be careful with this, Mr. Mayor, the last time they raised taxes, they said that it was for the rising cost of health care for the employees, but in turn, what it really was for, was to give the management a raise. Be careful."

"People who complain about the cost of the new hospital should really get their facts straight. To the person who thinks that a new hospital will result in higher medical bills. Obviously you don't know that the state of Maryland, tells hospitals what they are allowed to charge."

"To the Mail Call that was in Tuesday's paper about working in a local buffet restaurant and the church people coming in and talking loudly. That is called freedom of speech and if you don't like it, don't listen to the conversation. Just don't listen."

"The Washington County Commissioners aren't rezoning land for commercial uses. The zoning remains the same. A public hearing is held for each individual business that someone is requesting. You may voice your opinion before the Board of Zoning Appeals."

"Once again the mayor and council are talking about raising taxes and fees to balance the budget. Have they ever given a thought to stop funding every idea that comes down the pike? Did they ever stop to think that we can't afford any more taxes?"

"I was wondering if anyone found a set of keys in the Clear Spring area or possibly in the K-mart parking lot over the weekend? There is a small reward, if someone would find them and turn them in. Call 301-842-2820."

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