Mail Call for 1/13

January 14, 2003

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Not too long ago, someone requested to know where to buy big and tall sizes for men. I have a number, it is 1-800-477-1064, if you call this and request a catalog for big and tall size men's clothes, it is a very nice place. Their clothes are very reasonable, they go clear up to 9XL sizes. I also see where someone requested a prayer line phone number. I also would like to know if there are phone numbers where you can put your name on the prayer line. Also, Mail Call, you do a wonderful job and I hope the editor of the paper realizes that this is the favorite section, I would probably say, of most of your readers. I think you do a wonderful job. God bless you all."


"Concerning Bowers being charged with DUI, I see where now since he has been charged. If he had a problem with alcohol, why would he get a job like that and be on the road with our state vehicles? Something needs to be done about this."

"Does anyone know when Marylanders will be able to have their driver's licenses renewed and a computer terminal located in their grocery store instead of driving down to the MVA?"

"I was wondering if anyone is saving Christmas cards? If you are, leave your name and number in Mail Call."

"There is a commercial on TV about a Chevy Tahoe automobile and there is a really pretty poem. Is that part of a poem or is that something that Chevy Tahoe has? Leave your number in Mail Call or the information."

"Someone asked in the Jan. 9 paper for the number of the Lions Club that accepts used coats and eyeglasses. The North Hagerstown Lions Club can be reached at 301-791-1588, this club collects both items."

"I love the recipe where you can make that pumpkin pie without the crust. I make it all in the blender. Someone said you can make coconut pie that way. If anyone knows what that recipe is, I would like to have it."

"About a week ago I put a Mail Call in about finding a ring on Antietam Street near the dry bridge. It was identified and the owner now has the ring."

"This is Eva again, who wants the cards, my number is 301-733-2830, someone wanted my number left again. If the lady who called about the calendars, you didn't leave a number on my answering machine, so you have to call again because your number is not on my answering machine."

"I am a student at North High and today and every day I have to wait 15 minutes to get my lunch and that only leaves me 15 minutes to eat. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do about this?"

"Thanks to my snow angel on Marshall Street. I really appreciate you taking care of my sidewalk. Thanks again, Rose."

"For the city of Hagerstown, the man that is manager of the Municipal Swimming Pool that saved all that money for three years in a row, we need to make him the mayor of Hagerstown or something."

"I want to thank my son Steven Hutzell for coming over last Sunday for cleaning off my walks and my car. I would also like to thank my neighbor Claudia Grimm for doing the same thing on Monday. Thanks very much."

"To the person who said that the Washington County Commissioners could fill a hot air balloon. I bet the Hagerstown City Council could beat them. As a matter of fact, there are three councilmen, that I think each one of them could fill a balloon themselves, in no time at all."

"To the person who was speaking in defense of John Munson: Within a week, Mr. Munson betrayed everything that he said he stood for in the election. If he didn't know that the commissioners did as much work as they do, thus deserve the $10,000 raise. Then he didn't do his homework. If he believes that the raise can't be rescinded then he doesn't understand politics. Then he got a copy of the report that he was yelling had to be made public. Where is it Mr. Munson? He two-timed everything he said in the campaign."

- Hagerstown

"To the person that is in Boonsboro complaining about the police not being in full force over the holidays. I don't know where you were at, but here in Hagerstown, they were all over the place."

"To the person who said they were new to the area and were looking for local meetings in the area. Are you talking about alcohol meetings, because if you are, you can call the health department. There is also one downtown at the square, across from the tattoo shop and beside the smoke shop."

"Regarding the inquiry about Alcoholics Anonymous, the address in Hagerstown is: Hagerstown Area Intergroup, P.O. Box 1153, Hagerstown, Md. 21741, 301-733-1109."

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