Lagoon repairs, park expansion on Funkstown's agenda

January 14, 2003|by PEPPER BALLARD

FUNKSTOWN - Raising money to perform $1 million worth of repairs to two town waste water lagoons and raising funds to build additions to the town park head Funkstown Mayor Robert Kline's to-do list for 2003.

Kline said the town's waste water treatment plant, which is housed within three lagoons that sit near Interstate 70, is in need of major repair, but the town has no money to fix it.

"There isn't a town in the state of Maryland that can come up with $1 million," he said.

Funkstown Maintenance Supervisor Roger Griffith said the clay basin and shore of the two less-raw lagoons are eroding, causing them to leak.


Some work has been performed to patch erosions to the 6-foot-deep, 100-yard-wide lagoons, but it isn't sufficient, he said.

"It's just like putting a Band-Aid on a sore. It's going to come off," Griffith said.

Kline said about half of the $1 million needed for the repairs would be used to desludge, drain and remove the existing basin and shore of the lagoons.

Kline said the town is in the process of writing grant applications to help the community raise funds needed for the repairs.

In addition to the lagoons, Kline said that plans for a pavilion, road and parking lot at Funkstown Community Park, which already has three pavilions and playground equipment, are about $12,000 short of fruition, but the town is continuing its fund-raising and grant- writing efforts with an eye toward getting construction work under way in the spring.

Brenda Haynes, Funkstown Town Clerk, said the town has the $75,000 for the original project plans, but the desired spot for the pavilion has sparked a $12,000 obstacle - a rock.

"Basically, if they put the pavilion where they want to, they're going to have to blast that rock," she said.

Blasting the rock would cost the town $12,000.

The project will include the addition of a 600-foot, gravel-base road, leading from Beaver Creek Road into the park. The road will feed into a fourth new pavilion and an accompanying 30-space parking lot, Haynes said.

The additional park entrance will allow the town to use more than 23 acres of vacant land on the park's eastern edge. Civil War military re-enactors use that area annually to re-create the Battle of Funkstown.

The park is used by the community for a variety of annual events that will continue through this year, including the town picnic, which Kline said is always a success.

"We started that 15 years ago and they said 'don't stop,'" he said.

Haynes said 2002 was busy due to an election, budget adjustments and the town picnic.

Kline said, "We'll just finish the park and the lagoons and we'll have a quiet year."

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