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Letters to the editor 1/12

January 13, 2003

Put room tax toward stadium

To the editor:

It couldn't have been said better. I'm referring to Paul W. Sweeney's very positive letter regarding the economic and social benefits that would come to Washington County with the construction of a new stadium. His letter appeared in The Herald-Mail dated Dec. 15.

As Sweeney suggests, the people of Hagerstown and Washington County need to open their eyes. And I might add our elected officials at the county, city and state levels need to as well. We all need to collectively think of the immediate and long-term benefits of a new stadium. The beauty of it all is that we can have this at little cost to our local citizens.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see our citizens and elected officials at all levels working together to create something that would benefit all of us and future generations for years to come?

As a start, I suggest that a substantial part of the more than $1 million in lodging tax money now collected annually be set aside for this purpose. Legislation to accomplish this could be introduced and passed by the Maryland General Assembly in the 2003 session.


Donald Day


God doesn't want your filthy money

To the editor:

It was with a sad heart that I watched the huge lottery jackpot winner from Hurricane, W.Va., on T.V. explaining how he planned to "spend" his winnings. He was going to give to the poor folks, plus 10 percent to the local churches and pastors in his area.

His first part I'm not too concerned about, but the second one greatly disturbs me. My Bible condemns gambling in any form! God is against it!

In the Book of Nehemiah we read how those who were not right with God were not allowed to help Nehemiah rebuild the walls of Jerusalem! If God did not want or need them to do his work, how can we willfully sin against him with gambling; and then try to give him 10 percent of our winnings, and expect him to accept them, bless and multiply them!

And shame on the pastors of these churches who will accept a part of your sinful winnings! The end never justifies the means in anything if it is against God's word!

Nancy Martin


We'll vote when system changes

To the editor:

Writing this letter, it is very hard for me to say the right words.

I have read in The Herald-Mail many times, concerning why people do not vote. This is a very big problem. I have been voting for 67 years, and had no question until now.

I ask, why bother to vote? We all know big business puts up these millions of dollars to get their candidates into office. There is no second thought about it. This is true, money talks. There is no such thing as votes putting a person into office.

If it were true that votes count, Mr. Bush would not be president today. I am getting a little off of what I wanted to say. The city, county and state and federal candidates are doing nothing but cutting their opponents up and back-lashing them on things of the past.

I am like 100,000 other voters. We are sick of hearing this over and over again. I want to know what their candidates think of the good old U.S.A. and what is in the plans for the future.

I am talking of 10 to 20 years down the road. We all know what has happened. But we don't know what lies ahead of us. I am speaking of the future.

If they want us to vote, let them tell us something besides cutting each other up. If they do this, along with 300,000 voters, I will see you at the polls.

Harold W. Kendrick Sr.


Development provides jobs

To the editor:

My company (C.I. Eakin Plumbing Inc.) has worked for Manny Shaool for quite a few years now around Hagerstown. Shaool gives my company a lot of work each year. I have nine employees in my company and we rely a lot on the houses, townhouses, and apartments that Shaool builds to give us work, which in turn lets us as family men pay our bills, feed our families and give them a place to live.

I myself as a business owner have in the last year invested a good deal of money in additional trucks and a backhoe to help us in our work for Shaool's jobs we are doing now and hopefully in the future. If Shaool is not allowed to keep building in the area (Black Rock Estates PUD) and other places in Hagerstown it could possibly bring financial hardship on my company and in turn cause me to have to lay off some of my employees, which in turn would cause these men to be out of work with no income to support their families.

I hope you will see the problems that could be caused if those who want developments stopped succeed. We as construction workers need people like Manny Shaool to build developments so we can continue to live. We are not wealthy people, we are just normal working people.

Charles I. Eakin Jr.

Thurmont, Md.

Insurance will affect everyone

To the editor:

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