Mail Call for 1/9

January 10, 2003

"I was calling to see if the person that put the roach bait recipe in Mail Call, can put it back in for me. I would like to try it. Also, to the person who wanted the Christmas cards, leave your number in Mail Call, I have a lot of them."

"Many thanks to our neighbor, Dave Lowry, for plowing our driveway, not once, but twice. You are a true snow angel!"

"When the week is over, ask your child if they had physical education in school this week. Ask them what they did in physical education. You might be surprised to find out that your child did nothing physical, but actually sat and listened to teachers explaining rules and watching films and movies about sports. Now, I understand that there are rules to games and children have to learn these. But why did my child have to sit for 30 minutes watching a movie about jump roping and learning about it, rather than just handing the children jump ropes and the teacher standing in front of the class teaching the moves?"


"I am reading in the paper on Jan. 7 concerning the town of Boonsboro, they want to know what we would like to have that is not there. Well, we would like to have a Dollar Store and I don't think anyone would be against it. There are several empty stores that would be great for it, in town and there are walk-in buildings off the street and they would be nice. So, Mr. Kauffman, do your job, as you always do."

"About the bed and breakfast on Spielman Road, they are going to have a banquet room, have wedding receptions, parties, so that means there is going to be a lot of traffic on Spielman Road."

"I listened to Chris Carter at the Board of Education, on TV. I can't believe that he puts these ladies out at 2 or 2:30 in the morning to check out these roads. He knows that these roads are bad, he used to be a state trooper, he should know what to do. Other counties don't do this, they judge by listening to the radio. These ladies should not be put out on these roads in the middle of the night. This is ridiculous. There should be another way of doing this."

"I wish the people on West Irvin would not leave their dogs out for hours and hours and just let them bark. This is rude, you may like it, but others don't. Other neighbors are also complaining."

"I am calling about the scare tactics that the police used over the holidays, this year it was plastered all over news and the paper that the police were going to be out in full force to catch the drunk drivers. I was out on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve and I didn't see one patrol car at all. Every tavern was just packed with people and I am sure that they weren't just drinking Coca-Cola."

- Boonsboro

"Recently during the snowstorm that we had, our neighbors parked all their vehicles that are tagged out in the street and the snow plow couldn't get around. They had three cars in the driveway that aren't tagged, so now our street isn't plowed. This is totally uncalled for. Is there anything I can do about this?"

"Anyone who has the number for the Lions Club that is accepting used coats or eyeglasses, call Mail Call with the number."

"To the person inquiring about a prayer line. There is a radio station in Williamsport, 90.5 FM, WCRH that has a prayer line on every morning at 11 a.m. Call 301-582-0285, call and leave your request before 11 a.m. and may God bless you."

"I am new to the area and I am looking for some local AA meetings in the Williamsport or Hagerstown area. Please leave the information in Mail Call. Thank you."

"I lost my pager at the Washington County landfill by the recycling bin on Saturday, Jan. 4. Some nice man picked it up and called Antietam Communications regarding the lost pager, thank you very much. But now I would like him to drop it off at Antietam Communications. The number is on the pager. Please contact them because they can get in touch with me."

"I heard that the 1943 penny is valuable and I was wondering what kind of condition does it have to be in. Is it the '43 plain one, the S or the D? Call Mail Call if you know."

"I would like to thank the people in the first block of Gay Street for giving to the different organizations that I am chairperson for in the neighborhood. They have given so generously, we have met our goal nearly every time. I really appreciate it."

- Hagerstown

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