Mail Call for 1/8

January 09, 2003

"I would like to thank my neighbor and snow angel, Gary Decker. He is kind enough to take time out of his busy day to plow my driveway and walkway during every snowfall. Thank you Gary, from Louise."

"To John Munson, you said in the election on Nov. 5 that you would do everything right for the county. Number one, no new taxes, number two, Howard's deal, number three, would give $10,000 to charity as a tax write off. You have lied about all three promises to the taxpayers."

"I was wondering where I can find those snow extended brushes, with the snow brush, the ice scraper and squeegee all in one? I am in need of a new one with all the snow and ice we have been having, I find it convient to have them all there together."

"I want to thank our neighbor Steve for cleaning our driveway with his new snow blower last week. I would also like to thank Dan, Kelly and Sarah for cleaning our driveway this week. You are all very kind and we are very grateful. I would like to wish our neighbors and friends in Maugans Meadows the very best for the new year."


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my morning and afternoon paper customers in the Cedar Lawn area for their Christmas gifts and tips. I know I am getting up there in age, but as long as the good Lord gives me the health and strength to continue and I will be seeing you."

"I would like to know why they couldn't have the Pow Wow at the Ag Center on Sharpsburg Pike, like they done last year?"

"Why is everyone so upset over Bed & Breakfast on Speilman Road. A bed & breakfast draws no more people to a home than just a friend staying over night. A bed and breakfast is not large, it's not a hotel, get a grip and mind your own business."

"To the pot hole person that said about the pot holes on Pennsylvania Avenue, they are already covered."

"I would like to thank two ladies that made a wonderful Christmas for a couple of families, making sure that they had dinner and a little three year old boy had Christmas. I want to give my thanks to these sweet ladies, Dora B and her friend Sandy. Thank you."

"Why are they having a 30 minute break in between the news? That is not right. So some of my friends are changing over to other stations for the news."

"Is there any reason why the lights in the parking lot of the St. James Brethren Church are left on all night? There is nobody at the church at that time of night. The old minister never left them on because he cared about his neighbors. Come on, turn off the lights, nobody is going to rob your church, be a good neighbor to all."

"Whatever happened to the young man that got burned at the cooking school in Hagerstown. Sure would like to know about his progress."

"As your Daily Mail carrier in the Orchard Hills area, Maugans Avenue, Pennsylvania Ave., Springs Road and Petmar Circle, thanks to those who showed their appreciation at Christmas time. Thanks much and hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

"My name is Jeanne Conlon and I wanted to stay thank you to the St. Maria Goretti High School student who found and turned in my credit card in early December. I thought I lost it for good and they turned it in and the school called me."

"I would like to thank three men who came to my rescue during the snow, they are my snow angels. Tracy Payton, Harris Miller and John Boring. Thanks so much for helping me."

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