Letters to the editor - 1/9/03

January 09, 2003

Thanks for award as Person of the Year

To the editor:

It is indeed an honor and a humbling experience to be selected as The Herald-Mail's Person of the Year for 2002. If I should ever be honored in any other venue it will not have the impact on me personally as being honored by my own community.

Since my wife and I moved here in 1977 this community has become more than a place to raise our children and a place to work; it has become our home. As our home, receiving this honor and hearing that we have had some small positive impact on this community is truly the greatest award we could ever earn.

I want to publicly thank Gary Batey (who is a "Person of the Year" to many people and organizations in this community) for nominating me, and Nicole Houser, who along with my wife, family and friends are my "Persons of the Year" when it comes to supporting me.


Thanks to The Herald-Mail Company for establishing this award and kicking the year off, in this community, on a positive note, while many in the world are seeing only gloom and doom. And thanks to Andrew Schotz, the journalist, who took a poor subject and rendered a wonderful story.

Also, my special thanks to the members of The Greater Hagerstown Committee, Inc., a group of dedicated and concerned community leaders who afford me the opportunity to work with great people, on important issues, and give me a paycheck in addition to that special opportunity.

Finally, my thanks to each of you in this community, not only those who selected me for this honor, but also those of you who read my story or are reading this letter. My wish for each of you is an even greater sense of love and pride for and in this community than you already have. This community is truly a great community, because of you. Believe it. God loves you, and so do I. Thank you.

Arnold A. Callaham


Give Santa a break

To the editor:

I hadn't thought it possible to find someone who went beyond the cruel, vanishing-point philosophies of Scrooge until I read the letter from Emmanuel Godlove of Dec. 26.

While his theories may be interesting to some, you might wonder if he was not putting God on trial.

If the concept of Santa is evil, the obvious conclusion is that God, in putting the idea of a Santa into the mind of humans on Earth, made a mistake.

What does this also say about the real man, Saint Nicholas, other than the church is a dupe? Finally, the interpretation of the Bible according to Godlove would have every child who has ever believed in Santa or otherwise participated in a Santa-driven Christmas now securely in hell, having sold his or her soul for a Rocket Red Flyer Sled.

Statistically, this means almost every person born into normally accepted Western Culture since the mid-nineteenth century are forever locked out of heaven - not bad for a holiday fable icon, meant to teach the spirit of giving.

Jay B. Tabor

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Time to apologize

To the editor:

I write this letter to Hagerstown Councilwoman Penny Nigh with the hope that the mayor and council of Hagerstown will give full attention to its content.

As a citizen of Hagerstown and a taxpayer, words fail me in trying to express my shock and disgust when I read of a certain remark attributed to Councilman Linn Hendershot during a recent meeting of the City Council with the local legislative delegation to Annapolis.

This type of language and behavior has no place in the procedure of any business meeting, especially that of governmental business. Also, it can prove to be detrimental in any possible negotiations with the Washington County Hospital Association.

Therefore, as a citizen of this city, I demand that a severe reprimand of Hendershot by the mayor and council be forthcoming immediately, and that he be instructed to write a public letter of apology to James Hammil for his disgraceful actions. The people of this city should accept no less.

John H. McCune


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