Mail Call for 1/6

January 08, 2003

"To the Republican Party, your choice of John Munson as County Commissioner is a disaster. He doesn't even know what to do."

"All this mess with Trent Lott is ridiculous. If Al Gore had been elected in 2000, we wouldn't be having all of these problems."

"Here it is Friday morning and Washington County schools are on a two-hour delay. It is almost time for the bus to come and the road that we live on is a very steep hill and the road hasn't even been touched yet. But my child is supposed to stand along side of this road, while there are cars sliding off of it, which they are doing already."

"It is 8:30 on Jan. 3 and I can't believe that Washington County delayed two- hours after the buses picked them up. I saw a bus driver go past my house, at regular time, at 8:20. I turned the TV on and saw that there was a two-hour delay. Chris Carter should know this ahead of time before sending these driver's out."


"Responding to the person about the pot holes. Regardless of the weather, something has to be done soon about the pot holes. The pot holes on Pennsylvania are very deep and wide. So putting a temporary patch on it, would be better than nothing. So we do know what we are talking about, a patching of those pot holes should have already been done because that is a very busy road."

"Question for all the Mail Call fans, how do you blow up a big hot air balloon. The answer is easy, go to the Washington County Commissioner session."

"Someone had called in about reflectors for Christmas trees. I donated some to the Salvation Army about a week before Christmas. Call there, they may still have them."

"I am calling in response to a found ring. I lost a ring, it has a head stone cathedral set of diamonds and a gold band with round diamonds that are channel set on each side of the middle stone. The band itself is 14K gold. That is marked on the inside of the ring. If you found it, call me at 301-432-6699."

"To the people who had the sign in their yard on Spielman Road about the Bed and Breakfast. Nobody opposed him, when he put in a gun and a bow and arrow shop. Stop being so narrow minded. I hope the people are successful with their bed and breakfast, not from a red neck, but from one of the friendly neighbors."

"To the people who appeared to enjoy criticizing John Munson, COOL IT! All Mr. Munson has done is relate the facts and tell the truth. Do you have some kind of problem with hearing the truth? I admit, it is rare among elected officials, but we certainly shouldn't discourage it. I have never met Mr. Munson, but I hope he doesn't get sidetracked by chronic complainers, but follows his conscience and becomes the terrific commissioner he was elected to be. I think we should be thankful that those who were mainly responsible for the huge sewer debt is out of there. Let's show cooperation with the present commissioners to improve Washington County."

"This is a message for a young lady in a black Honda who was speeding southward on Interstate 81 on Saturday afternoon. You almost ran into me because you were talking on your cell phone. I saw you coming, but I couldn't get out of your way. I turned you into the Maryland State Police, gave them your license plate number and the description of your car. Hopefully you will read this and get some common sense, if not, then maybe the police will eventually pick you up."

"Would the person who left their glasses at Keith's Country Kitchen in Williamsport please come and get them, we have them here."

- Hagerstown

"I am reading the paper about a friend that the two hijacker's from September. We have him detained here in the United States, he is getting a college education here. I don't understand what makes those people's brains work? He is in this country, getting everything he can get and said he can understand the hatred for the United States and why he did it. Now what would make that guys mind work, to make him feel that way. He is here getting what he can from our country and he despises up? That is why we have to stop letting those people in our country. Keep them all out and we won't have any problems. We don't have to let them in."

- Sharpsburg

"This is for my neighbor Roger on Hoffmaster Road in Sharpsburg. I just wanted to say thank you. I know you are a hard worker and thank you for taking the time to plow out our driveway. I just wanted to say thanks. Bobby Jo."

"Thanks to Mail Call, I have seen many answers to questions. I would like to know if anyone has any phone numbers for any prayer line."

"It was on New Year's Eve and I hadn't seen no policemen. My cruise control was on 70 and people were passing me like I am sitting still.'

"To any parent who taped the children's concert at Emma K. Doub on Dec. 13. Call me at 301-393-8637. I would like to have a copy of this tape. It is important that I get a copy of this tape, my daughter was in that concert and I would like to have a copy of it."

"Thank you so very much, the two very polite North High Students on Jan. 2. They were coming out from school around 5:30 p.m. on St. Clair Street. They helped me to put my garbage out. It is nice to see that there are polite young people who will help people."

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