A famous concept for city schools

January 06, 2003|by MARK KELLER

Congratulations go to Fred Kreiger, the baseball coach at Boonsboro High School, on his induction into the Allegany High School Sports Hall of Fame on Friday.

Kreiger informed me of his impending honor a few weeks ago. We traded a few e-mails, including one in which he suggested "a Hall of Fame might not be a bad idea for North and South" Hagerstown.

And you know what? He's right.

While maybe not as rich in sports tradition as their neighbors in Allegany County, North and South have had more than their fair share of grade-A athletes and coaches walk through their doors since the two schools were born of Hagerstown High School nearly 50 years ago.


A Hall of Fame would be a great way to honor the heritage of the city schools and show today's students a piece of their school history.

By holding an annual induction ceremony/banquet, the schools would not only be celebrating their past, but would also create more excitement around the entire athletic program.

Neither school would be at a loss for initial inductees. Off the top of my head, I can come up with the following names:

North - Chuck Zonis, Randy Butts, Phil Young, Carlton Gaines, Walt Galbraith, Rick Christian, Glenn Cross.

South - Bill Maletsky, Phil Petry, Belinda Pearman, Mike Brashears, Nick Scallion, Tim Mason, Dwayne Freeman.

Those are just a few of the more than worthy athletes that have gone through North and South over the last five decades. No doubt the coaches and fans of city athletes could cite many, many others.

The schools should see what it would take to get such an effort off the ground, seek the help they need from the booster programs and make it a point to honor their pasts.

n I've gone on record in the past with my view of how tough it is to be a Washington Capitals fan.

I want to go on the record now as saying the only thing tougher than being a Capitals fan is being a Miami Dolphins fan.

Unfortunately for me, I'm both.

The good thing about being a fan of these two teams is that I'm no longer surprised when they go into their famous meltdowns, like the one the Dolphins performed right on schedule last Sunday.

In fact, I was more surprised when I looked up and saw that the Dolphins actually led the Patriots late in the fourth quarter. It was a given that Miami could not and would not hold on for the win.

All I could do was laugh, take a deep breath, hope for better next year ...

... and thank my lucky stars I'm not a Red Sox fan, too.

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