Mail Call for 1/3

January 06, 2003

"I would like to thank the Mail Call staff and the Mail Call readers for praying for my nephew. The Bible says that He likes to hear us, He likes to hear from us and He hears us in large numbers. It has helped. My nephew has a terrible heroine addiction. Thanks for your prayers and God bless you all."

"Why is George Bush and the Republic Administration so eager to get back into a war with Iraq? While we have thousands of Gulf War Veterans, who are suffering from terrible diseases, the government still denies that their medical problems exist. Meanwhile their medical problems were caused by chemical weapons Sadam used during the Gulf War. Chemical weapons that were provided to him by the United States. Namely in 1983, Donald Rumsfelt who went over to the Middle East and shook Sadam's hand, while behind everyone's back, they were giving him all kinds of weapons to fight Iran. Now once again, we have to go fight against our own nasty chemical weapons. When will our government ever stop lying to us?"


"In the paper there has been items about children who can't read. Some adults, I wonder about them, they have ignored my No Trespassing signs and Private to do work on my land, using my private land and lane, when there is plenty of ground to work on their side. I am sure that they can read, but don't care. It is their way of trying to take over."

- Mt. Lena

"We would like to thank our neighbor and snow angel, Bill Wivell. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to plow our driveway during our recent snow fall. Thank you Bill, Lee and Brenda."

"This is Eva, just wanted to let folks know that I still collect used Christmas cards and calendars. My number is 301-733-2830."

"Happy New Year to everyone and treat each one kindly. I read in Mail Call where someone said they would like to go back into time to be able to take their six children to a restaurant and sit down with them like they used to. They love their grandchildren and great grandchildren. That sounds just like me, I have two boys and four girls and I would just love to do that too. But I don't know if that would work or not."

"I want to give a special thanks to Santa, Mrs. Santa and their helpers and the Longmeadow Shopping Center for the great job they done decorating for the children to visit Santa. Santa truly loves his kids and he puts his whole heart into making them happy."

"I wouldn't worry about the Bed and Breakfast being built on Speilman Road. We already have two on Sharpsburg Pike and three in Sharpsburg."

"Can anyone give me the address for West Bend, the company that makes slow cookers and kitchen appliances. Please call in."

"What do the Polar Bears do the rest of the year when they're not jumping into the Potomac on New Year's Day."

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