Letters to the editor - 1/3/03

January 03, 2003

W House moving forward

To the editor:

Many exciting things have happened at W house this year. The most exciting is the renovation of our new facility at 519 N. Locust St. If all goes as planned, we will move in this spring. It is only through your contributions, support, and encouragement that we will realize the dream of a larger facility and expanded program.

The need for long-term, residential placement of women in the early stages of recovery from chemical dependency has not diminished in Washington County. Sadly, it has grown.

Scientific studies report that women are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol if they have experienced abuse, neglect, family violence, loss of parents, and other deprivations during childhood. Chronic, severe psychological trauma in childhood is a major risk factor for addiction.

The most important thing we do is help women stabilize their own lives and rejoin the community as contributing members. We offer counseling and training to help them improve coping skills, gain emotional stability, develop job skills, write resumes, solve everyday problems, and become better parents. We help women obtain the tools they need to live well without self-medicating.


Women in continuing-care recovery programs like W House have a higher than average rate of recovery in part because long-term programs help each woman make significant and lasting changes in her lifestyle and behavior.

We ask that you consider a gift to help W House expand to meet the growing needs of women in our community. Every gift will be used to operate our new facility and purchase equipment for the women who live there, such as bed and bath linen.

During this holiday season, please remember that the treatment we offer saves dollars and improves the quality of life for all of us. As you consider assisting W House, we hope you agree that an investment in the future of our families, community and neighborhoods is a wise one.

Christina Trenton

Executive Director

W House of Hagerstown Foundation

Just what did the GOP win?

To the editor:

It still amazes me how the Republicans can justify their victory on Nov. 5. Let's look at the facts - about 20 to 32 percent of the voters have spoken. They lost major state houses, like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois.

As for the country being on the right track, that's where people are totally wrong. Unemployment is steadily rising. In this area some large companies are always laying off or are on the verge of closing.

Obviously, you Republicans still want to use 9/11 as an excuse for the retreating economy. Give us a break. If our fearless leader can't turn our economy around in this crisis, he is not much of a leader.

Dan Mentzer

Waynesboro, Pa.

Cops look tops

To the editor:

I would like to compliment the city police on the yellow and black or navy blue uniforms.

You guys look real good. Would like to see more of you walking the beat. Keep up the good work guys.

Kay Schindel


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