Mail Call for 12/31

January 02, 2003

"I live in the West End area. Early Christmas morning between 12:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. our four- wheeler was stolen off our porch. It is a red 2000 Kawasaki Bayou 220. If anyone has seen anything suspicious or knows anyone in the area that got a four-wheeler for Christmas that fits this description, call 301-766-4420 or call officer Freeman at the Hagerstown City Police Department at 301-790-3700. My husband is disabled and uses this ATV to get around outside."

"I am asking Mail Call readers to pray for me. I am facing the new year with a big burden. I have been having health problems, my doctor is running all kinds of tests to find out if I have cancer. I just hope that everyone prays for me."

"I have nine gift certificates that friends had gotten me about two weeks before the Ponderosa closed. People said to take them to the Chambersburg restaurant. We called them and they said they would not honor them because our Ponderosa was privately owned. So I guess I am out nine gift certificates."


"I think it's about time that people stop bashing John Munson. At least he has enough gumption to try to do something for the community and the county. I am sure that he didn't get in there for his own gain. I have known him for years and he is an honest man."

- Boonsboro

"With all the scandals in business now, they ought to rename the country clubs to criminal clubs."

"A big thank you to security officer West of the Washington County Hospital, who on Dec. 23, on a cold and wintry night, escorted us to our vehicle, but let us stay inside where it was nice and warm, while he was out in the cold jump starting our vehicle and making sure it was running right. Again, a big thank you, he is our snow angel."

"To Becky, would you please call in your wonderful cookie recipe and would you please give us the correct measurements for your wonderful cookie recipe? I am looking forward to reading it in Mail Call."

"I thought we had freedom of speech. Apparently not, everyone seems to be on Mr. Lott's neck. This only applies to some of us. Everything seems to be about racism, you can't say nothing unless they are yelling racism."

"I want to thank the angel who was so honest and kind to turn my black change purse into management at CVS, right before Christmas. I tried to find out who you were to give you a reward. That was the last $72 to my name and I wouldn't have known where I would have gotten any more money. Thanks for being such a wonderful and kind person."

"Speaking of snow angels, I would like to thank two snow angels on Brookside Terrace, Tom and Bob. They have been doing the entire community with their snow blowers for years and I would just like to thank them."

"To the person who keeps worrying about these pot holes on Pennsylvania Avenue, you need to get your facts. You can't put blacktop in holes if it is 40 degrees because the blacktop won't stick. Any road work done will have to be done in the springtime. That is why you don't see people out paving roads in the wintertime."

"I have a cell phone I would like to donate to an organization. If anyone knows anyone who would take cell phones, leave the number in Mail Call."

"In Friday's paper they were thanking Mr. Nick at the Sheraton for hosting the Christmas dinner every year. Don't forget the Rescue Mission has a Thanksgiving and a Christmas dinner for those who don't have any homes or any place to go to. You are all welcome."

- Sharpsburg

"My name is Betty and I would like to thank the three men on Dec. 26 at 8:15 and 8:30 who helped me get out of a snow drift on Strite Road, out off of Leitersburg Pike. I really want to thank them and to let them know that I am very grateful that they came out of their warm house to help me get out."

"To everyone who was out shoveling and plowing on Christmas Day, the town and the people who work for complexes and so forth who were called into work. I want to thank them for a job well done. It was very appreciated. We thank God that there are people who do stuff like that. We also hope you had a merry Christmas when you got home."

"To the person who was complaining about the snow plow on Salem Avenue and Cearfoss that they were going too fast and throwing snow. You should just feel lucky that they were even out there on Christmas Day. You were probably home enjoying Christmas and decided to look out the window and complain about what other people were doing. They were going fast so they could spend time with their family on Christmas Day."

"Someone stole my bench off my porch on East Avenue. A certain party saw them do it and I would hope that they would bring it back before I end up calling the police. They know who it was, so you are in trouble if you don't bring it back."

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