Mail Call for 12/30

December 31, 2002

"I agree with you, the luminaires lit at the Rest Haven Cemetery Saturday night were very beautiful. Yes, thank you to the people who volunteer to do so. But I really find it unnecessary to wish a funeral director to be very prosperous in the new year. This means that he has to accumulate a lot of bodies. I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

"Mail Call always does a beautiful job. There are many different opinions in Mail Call, what do they say, 'variety is a spice of life."'

"This is my New Year's Wish. I want to go back into the '50s, I have six wonderful children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. We would like to take our six children and go into a restaurant and order a meal. Let them get what they want."

"I was at K-mart on Dec. 26 and I lost my black wallet. It had my Social Security card, my daughter's Social Security card, my driver's license and a credit card. I would appreciate it if whoever found it would call, 301-393-4324, a reward will be given if found."


"If Mothers Against Drunk Drivers are serious, they would hound our state legislators to impose higher taxes on alcoholic drinks. The same as cigarettes. The budget could use the money, too."

"I want the thank the newspaper for the story about Butch and Betty Buhrman and their beautiful Christmas display of lights on Clopper Road. It was well worth our trip over to see it. May God bless them for their work, just so others can enjoy the holiday."

"Let these people know that we don't want a bed and breakfast on Spielman Road. We don't want it."

"I would like to say something about the lunch aide assistants. I am a lunch aide assistant at Paramount Elementary. The amount paid is not as rewarding as seeing all those little happy faces every day or those little hugs you get, or they tell you they love you or they like you. This is the most important part of the job as a lunch assistant. I think you need to worry more about the children than you do about the amount of pay. I am not in it for the pay, I am in it to give love to those children."

"I would like to thank Andrea for marrying Tim Rowland. His stories have gotten so much better since they got married. Thanks, Andrea."

"I want to thank each and everyone who worked on Christmas Day to clean the streets and give us a safe passage. Thanks very much and God bless each and every one of you."

"I would like to thank the DJs on Light 97.5 for playing the most beautiful Christmas music. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. You are the greatest DJs ever."

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