10 events to ring out 2002

December 30, 2002|by MARK KELLER

As I was tossing around ideas for my Top 10 list of local sports events in 2002, one of my colleagues, Bob Parasiliti, warned against making the picks from the most recent headlines.

Well, I tried as best I could, sifting through our archives and old papers and trying to come up with a Top 10.

It just so happens that three of the biggest events have happened in the last two weeks, including two in two days.

Now, this is just my list. I'm sure it will differ from that of the rest of the sports staff and many of our readers.


If you think I've made any glaring omissions - and I probably have - send me an e-mail and I'll mention it in my column next week.

Here we go:

10. Martinsburg's Brandon Barrett wins Kennedy Award. The prize for the top high school football player in West Virginia is generally reserved for the Morgantown- or Charleston-area schools, but Barrett's numbers were too good to overlook.

9. St. James Invitational Tournament folds. After 29 years, the small Washington County private school decided to close down the show that brought in some of the best high school basketball talent from the region and the nation.

8. Reno Powell dies. As baseball goes in Washington County, Powell is a legend. He volunteered at nearly every level for more than 40 years. His loss will be felt by many.

7. Tom Dickman leaving Thomas Johnson High School for Hood College. One of the most surprising news releases to cross my desk all year. TJ's loss is definitely Hood's gain.

6. Tim Cook dies. I never met Cook in person and had only a couple of phone conversations with him, but seeing and hearing of the effect his passing had on our writer, Andy Mason - a man who ran for Cook at Chambersburg High - is all the proof I need that Cook was a special person.

5. Hagerstown Suns sold. Mandalay Sports Entertainment bought the team from Andy Rayburn's Big Game Capital in early December, just weeks after the general election results essentially ended Rayburn's stadium efforts. No doubt you'll be hearing more about a stadium in the weeks and months to come.

4. Smithsburg girls win another state track title. Seven straight. An unbelievable run by coach Buddy Orndorff's teams.

3. Maryland plays in Orange Bowl. Though the results weren't anything near what they had hoped for, the Terrapins made their presence known on the football scene again.

2. Jim Brown steps down at Hagerstown Community College. And it only took three people (basketball coach, athletic director, facilities manager) to replace him.

1. Maryland wins NCAA men's basketball title. The only way this wouldn't have been No. 1 is if Dan Spears were the author.

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