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Mail Call for 12/27

December 30, 2002

"Merry Christmas to everyone and remember, here is the reason for the season and I wish that we could inspire to be kind and thoughtful of each other all year long. I would like to ask all my brothers and sisters to please pray for my nephew. He has a horrible heroin addiction, he is trying very hard to kick it. We need the prayers of many. Please put him on your list and ask the Lord to help him get through this terrible time. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers."

"This is for the half-baked speed demon who keeps complaining about the bus driver on Salem Avenue: First, get a life, second, take another route, third, what is wrong with you? Bus drivers are hauling the most precious cargo in the world. They are hauling the doctors, the nurses, the lawyers, the astronauts, the candlestick makers and cookie bakers of tomorrow and yes, each is as important to our society as the other. Why would you not want the bus driver to put the safety of the children ahead of your need to be somewhere in a New York minute? If you don't like sitting behind the bus, take another route."


"I was so sad, I was reading in Mail Call about the person who had the six-foot blue spruce and had it stolen. I can't imagine what type of person would go into someone's yard and cut down something so beautiful. This is beyond being greedy or needy. To do that, it takes a person with a cold black heart, someone who forgot that He is the reason for the season. When He looked down and saw you do something like that, He was so sad. He gave His life so we could live and He could save us. Our Savior done all that just for us. He didn't do that so you can steal a tree and make someone cry and make someone sad on Christmas. You can't put the tree back, you already killed it."

"The piece by Kline was really good, but that soldier's poem was going around for years and years. I was overseas in the 1980s and it was floating around then. Just wanted to let you know."

"I just wanted to comment about the great cartoon that was in Sunday, Dec. 22 paper. It was called 'Twelve Days of Washington County Christmas' It really summed up the entire year. I think it was done by Rob Rock, I think. He should be commended for this great cartoon."

"If you go past Frank Rhinehart's Auto Sales on South Potomac and Wilson Boulevard, he sells used cars and other vehicles. I have never heard a more beautiful and meaningful Christmas message in all my life. I am 62 years old. I had to stop my car and pull over into the CVS parking lot to continue to listen to his Christmas music. It made my heart joyful. That is what Christmas is all about. The reason for the season. Thank you, I have bought used cars from you and have never had any bad luck. God bless you."

"I want to thank Nick, the owner of the Four Points Sheraton. I have been going to his dinner now for three years. I thinks it's such a nice thing that he does for people who don't have any place to go or would be otherwise alone on the holidays. I really commend him for doing that."

"Where can anyone find the coffee mugs with names on them?"

"Why do these churches list their phone numbers, but they are never around where they are needed?"

"I don't know who was driving the snow plow responsible for Salem Avenue and the Cearfoss Pike on Christmas Day. I would like him or his supervisor to explain why it was necessary to drive so fast and throw snow so far and so hard that it tore up mailboxes and signs, even though they were well back from the shoulder of the road. I don't think that smashing stuff in front of my place was needed to improve driving conditions. I would like for someone to explain why its necessary to throw snow 20 or 30 feet off the side of the road and smash other people's property."

"Six of my children and their families came home for Christmas. There was such love, joy and peace and even the little ones were a real joy. God bless you, children, and thank you."

"We would like to wish our Herald-Mail customers a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. And thanks to each one of you for your cards and gifts and thanks for your prayers while Mr. Speaker is recuperating from cancer. Love to all from the Speakers."

"We had a secret Santa show up in our front yard and bring us cookies and goodies for the holiday season. We got a lot of cakes and candies. We never had a chance to thank anyone, so for the secret Santa that is out there, we would like to thank them for their generosity and wish them a very happy New Year. We are located on Broadfording Church Road."

"I wanted to ask the newly elected officials, are you thinking about building a no-kill animal shelter?"

"For the lady who needs a mantel, a wooden shelf to hang on the wall, we have one here that would be suitable for painting or refinishing. Call 301-582-1519. Thank you."

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