Forsake resolutions

count your blessings

December 30, 2002|by LIZ THOMPSON

I've given up making New Year's resolutions.

The honest truth is, I have no will power. So resolutions about losing weight, exercising more - well, truthfully, exercising period - and other personal related resolutions just aren't going to happen.

Instead, on each New Year's Eve, I count blessings.

It's much easier on the psyche and especially good for the soul.

So, bear with me while I count some professional blessings.

I'll spare you the personal ones since hearing about my husband, my son, my future daughter-in-law, the dog, my siblings and those of my husband, and various other friends and extended family members you've never met would be pretty boring for anyone who doesn't know us and probably for a bunch of people who do.

I am blessed to work in a field I love, in a job I've always wanted and with people for whom I have great respect.


Like lawyers and used car sales people, journalists get jabbed often. According to some complaints I've heard, journalists are cold-hearted and sensational-hunting vampires with no compassion and even less intelligence (And you thought we never listened.).

Such comments would bother me if they were true.

In my mind, there is a big difference between local media and national media. For the purposes of this column, my thoughts are directly related to local, as opposed to national, media.

Journalists keep people connected - to their communities, their neighbors and to the larger world around them. We are your eyes and ears at most city council, county commission and board of education meetings around the Tri-State area.

We keep you informed about new proposals and projects and the progress of old ones.

We tell you about people in need and people who have helped. We tell you about tragedies and about the heroes who step forward in such events. We tell you about crime and we tell you about justice.

That's important work and we take it seriously.

I am blessed to work with a group of people who take the job of gathering the news and getting it out to people in a fair and accurate manner as seriously as I do.

The team of reporters, editors, photographers and editorial assistants here are a hardworking bunch. These are people who daily go the extra mile to get all the information.

There are reporters here who will have been called out before the sun rises and who have stayed on the scene of a story in driving rains or blowing snow because we needed them to be where an event was happening.

There are editors who take the time - because it is important to them - to make the pages of our newspapers look as good as they read.

There are photographers here who frequently juggle a fuller than possible load of photo assignments but still get them all shot and turn out stunning pictures for the paper.

I am blessed to work for a company that cares about the quality of its product and believes, as each of us in the newsroom believe, that local news is important.

If I were to violate my own rule and make a New Year's resolution, it would be to maintain the quality of work and commitment we have to our profession and our community.

Liz Thompson is city editor at The Herald-Mail. You can contact her at 301-733-5131, extension 7682, or by e-mail at

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