Mail Call for 12/26

December 27, 2002

"Yes, I'd just like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and remind them that Jesus is the reason for the season. Thank you."

"To the person who called about 2003 calendars being so expensive they couldn't afford to buy one: You and a few others just put your phone number in Mail Call. I have a few that I will give you for nothing."

"Well, hats off to the U.S. Postal Service. Early November 2002, I mailed a four-pound package of T-shirts from the Chewsville Post Office. It arrived in Ocala, Fla., 906 miles away, in only nine days. Little wonder the U.S. Postal Service is number three when it comes to delivering packages."

"It cost Mr. Lott his job, but he made a point to the American people. It was a costly point, but the proof is there. We no longer have freedom of speech. Thank you."


"Yes, I just wanted to respond - someone wanted to know where they could get free calendars for 2003. The best place I know - and I get mine there every year - and that is Schindel's Pharmacy."

"Yeah, this is about John Munson, the new county commissioner. Looks like he's another typical politician. Maybe he should follow Mr. Snook's lead and never give a comment on anything. That seems to get him elected every time. Maybe Mr. Munson just needs to keep his mouth shut and not do much of anything and that will get him elected every time."

"Hi. Please print that it would be appreciated if Cedar Lawn Cemetery got the same respect as Rose Hill Cemetery. We were just there for the lighting for my father and it was very upsetting to watch the news and read the paper and there wasn't a thing in there about that cemetery. That cemetery is just as nice, and needs to be on the news and in the paper just like Rose Hill 'cause everyone has loved ones. This is for you, Dad."

- Boonsboro

"I agree with the person who wrote the article about the dogs at the Fairgrounds Park in Monday's Dec. 23 paper. I agree 100 percent. I think the dogs ought to be allowed to be walked by their owner in all the Washington County parks as long as they clean up after them and are responsible for them. We do pay taxes and I think it's a right that we should have. They do it in New York City and all the other major parks. Thank you."

"If you missed the luminaires Saturday night at Rest Haven Cemetery, you missed a beautiful sight. Thousands of candles lit the graves of loved ones who had gone on before. It took a lot of work and volunteers to accomplish this. We would like to take this time to thank them for all of their hard work and to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Brown for his thoughtfulness, kindness and caring. We wish to thank him and his family. A very merry Christmas and a very prosperous new year."

"Yes, I live down here below Boonsboro on South Mountain. I've been reading in the paper where they are protesting a tower being built on Lamb's Knoll. I've lived here all my life - for 70 years. The mountain's all around me and I don't care if they build a half a dozen towers up there. Where were these people two years ago when the gypsy moths ruined all the trees? I care for the trees, not the tower."

"Soon, they'll have to call Pennsylvania Avenue, Pothole Pennsylvania Avenue because there seems to be a lot of potholes past - when you're heading north from Burhans Boulevard onto Pennsylvania Avenue - there's a bunch of potholes just before you get to the tennis court on the north end of town. There's like several potholes, and you might as well call it Pothole Pennsylvania Avenue. Just if someone could please fill them in. Thank you."

"It is December the 23rd, about 3 o'clock. I was at CVS off of Baltimore Avenue. And there was one fine-looking guy standing in line. I just wanted to tell you, merry Christmas, you are easy on the eyes, and you gave me a nice Christmas gift, too. I think you left in a blue Jeep. You are one fine-looking guy, baby."

"Hi. I just have to tell you I loved the 12 days of Christmas for Washington County. But really, everything should have been for Hagerstown. Just loved it. Bye."

"I have a question. If dogs are allowed in at the Fairgrounds Park, and they bite someone, who do we get to sue, the owner of the dog or the city? Perhaps it will be both."

"Yes, I'd just like to comment on the person that put children in the same category as dogs in the park and treat children the same way as you would a dog. This just goes to show you how stupid and sick our society has become. There is no way that you put children in the same category as you do with an animal. I just don't understand how anybody could be that stupid. Thank you."

"Yes, I'd like to know if anybody makes the peanut butter hard rock candy. If anybody knows anybody that does, please leave your number in the paper and I will get in touch with you right away. Thank you."

"Say what you want to about Mr. Munson, but he is laughing all the way to the bank. Thank you."

"I would like to wish all the security guards at the hospital a happy, happy holiday season. They do a great job and it's time they got some recognition. Thank you."

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