Pa. ice festival plans heating up

December 27, 2002|by STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Theresa Bachman-Myers isn't sure how large a standard throne is supposed to be, but she knows one carved from ice later this winter will be big enough to seat children and adults for photos.

The ice throne will be the largest sculpture on display during the three-day ice festival starting Jan. 31 in downtown Chambersburg.

Several area banks pitched in for the "monster-sized sculpture," Bachman-Myers said.

While enough area businesses and organizations have signed up to support about 30 small sculptures and three multi-block ones, she hopes more will sign on soon.


"We're delighted it's coming together. The challenge is finding the sponsors" for the larger sculptures, she said.

The small blocks will be carved in advance by DiMartino and Co., in Jeannette, Pa., and trucked in. They include everything from piggy banks to an American flag and a diamond ring. The larger sculptures, which are made up of four to 12 blocks of ice, will be carved on site in Memorial Square Jan. 30 and 31.

"That is the draw. The chain saws will be running and ice chips flying," Bachman-Myers said.

The ice throne will be the centerpiece, large enough for adults and children to sit on.

"There will be a pad on the seat so you can sit on it without freezing yourself," she said.

The larger sculptures will be in the different quadrants of the square, with the exception of the courthouse corner where the afternoon sun is too strong, she said.

Bachman-Myers is already looking ahead to next year, when she hopes with an established success the Chambersburg Area Council for the Arts and Downtown Chambersburg Inc., can incorporate more events like a blues concert at the Capitol Theatre and sleigh rides.

"It is definitely something new, and it's a great time of year when no one has anything to do," she said.

This year there will be vendors on Feb. 1 and 2, and Bachman-Myers is hoping some downtown restaurants will stay open in the evening on Jan. 30 and 31 so people will have a warm place to stop after watching the ice carving.

Sculptures will line Main Street sidewalks for two blocks from the Rosedale parking lot to the Capitol Theatre parking lot.

DiMartino and Co. also carves sculptures for similar events in State College, Pa., and Somerset, Pa.

Sponsorships of the small sculptures cost $350 each. Prices vary on the multi-block creations. For more information, call Council for the Arts at 717-264-6883.

Sponsors will have their names displayed on the sculpture and choose from an extensive list of possible designs.

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