Mail Call for 12/24

December 26, 2002

"I would like to thank the Christmas Angel for leaving the three phone numbers in to receive a free credit report, once a year. Thank you so much. I feel that it is necessary that you get these reports, because you never know when someone will establish identity theft. I think it's a wonderful thing that you can check your credit. I wish you could check it every six months, but at least we can do it once a year. Have a merry Christmas."

"I don't see what the big deal is. I travel Salem Avenue every day. I know the bus is there every day, dropping off the same children, the same amount of stops. It's no big deal. I actually enjoy watching the little ones getting off the bus. If you are in such a big hurry, take another route. You know the bus goes the same way every day."


"This stuff I have been seeing in Mail Call about this child at Lincolnshire Elementary not getting fed because she didn't have money for her lunch. This is ridiculous. Why would a child who is at a public school not get fed? We are feeding children in other countries and we aren't feeding our own? Charity starts at home. I as a mother, as a human being, would not allow a child to sit without a lunch. You mean to tell me they couldn't make up a peanut butter sandwich and give them a thing of milk? There is no sense in this."

"I remember reading in the paper and saw on TV, a sad thing, where this little girl was outside her house playing and a man asked her if she could help find his dog and the man snatched her. That child was right outside her door. This comment is for the person who thinks that the bus made too many unnecessary stops because the children could look at each other and wave. I don't think that the children should have to walk. They should be allowed to stop at each house and pick up the children. Children are not safe in this world anymore. I think that whatever ensures the safety of a child is OK."

"This is for the person who thinks that a bus makes too many unnecessary stops: How would you like it if the mailman put all the mail in one box, then you and your neighbors could meet and sort it out. It's ridiculous, isn't it. It's about as ridiculous as the bus making one stop to pick up all the kids. How would you like to walk a half mile in freezing weather, but perhaps a crazy person could pick you up or kill you. I don't understand why you people are so impatient. Maybe you should take another route."

"That impossible pumpkin pie that was in Friday's paper. I tried it, it was delicious, they gobbled it up in no time. Thanks ever so much for a wonderful completely written impossible pumpkin pie. I also as you, were tired of people putting in incomplete recipes. Also to the Mail Call staff: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

"I want to respond to what I have been seeing in the paper about the WIC program. I agree with the comment that was in Friday's paper. There are children that aren't being fed in this country. The WIC program is wonderful. I am proud that my tax dollars are going to this program. After all, if we can feed children in other countries, why can't we feed our own?"

"I have been reading where the people who work as lunch assistants only get $5.15 an hour. When you are only there for an hour or two a day, that means you get up, leave your house, go to work for a total of $10 and that is before taxes. What do you get after taxes, $6 for showing up? It's hardly worth the trip."

"A very simple suggestion to the person about the school bus, Take another route!"

"To Becky: Becky's cookie recipe was wonderful, but I must say it took me quite awhile to figure out exactly how much flour or sugar to put in to get them to taste just right. I wish your recipe could have been a little more exact, but thanks anyway. It was a delicious cookie. I suggest everyone try to make Becky's cookies. They are so good, they taste like the old-time cookies grandma used to make."

"It's another holiday season and our police are making another announcement about cracking down on drunk drivers. If the state of Maryland was really serious about cracking down on drunk drivers, our legislators would impose automatic six -month suspension for any type of alcohol-related speeding tickets or violations. We need better and stronger laws, not just checkpoints and holiday checks."

"Christmas is only one day away and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."

"I was reading the big long complaints. There sure is a lot of people who can't read. You guys keep saying to keep them brief and they keep getting longer and longer."

"I would like to know if someone from the county Roads Department would come and take away all the tree limbs on Roessner Avenue, that was brought down by the ice storm. The trees along our street are owned by the county and hopefully they can get rid of them."

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