Letters to the editor 12/26

December 26, 2002

The devil in Santa

To the editor:

In the paper recently someone wrote to an advice columnist to ask how she could explain to her child that Santa wasn't real. She didn't want to hurt her child's feelings with everything that's going on in this world (another let-down to this child).

The lady with all the advise quoted the "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial.

If the lady who wrote for advice didn't lie to her child to begin with, then she wouldn't have to worry about telling the truth now.

The world doesn't realize that Santa is an idol they teach their children to worship. The Bible clearly warns about the idolizing old times, and the ones that will come.

It warns that the devil himself will come in disguise claiming to be good, and he will fool even the best Christians. Take the name Santa and move the letters around and you have Satan - what a perfect disguise. Santa is the perfect way to have children excited about someone other than Jesus on his birthday.


Emmanuel Godlove


Keep the raise

To the editor:

Just a quick observation about a commissioner wanting to roll back a raise. Why in the world would you do that?

Do you feel that you are not worth the increase?

Maybe you don't have a handle on what your job will entail? Let me assure you that from what I have seen from the majority of past County Commissioners, if you do your job, and you do it right, and you are there serving your constituents, you will earn every dime of your salary.

Now on the other hand, if you plan on blowing people off, not returning phone calls, not showing up for meetings and basically doing nothing, then that is a different story. Enjoy your increase, because you will earn it - and more, if you are doing the job that you were elected to do.

Being a county commissioner in this county is not a part-time job, no matter what some of the uninformed seem to think. As for giving your increases to charity, tell them to go to the Gaming Commission while there is still money, because the wonderful gaming commission and the way it is run is killing their golden goose.

They seem to forget that the clubs in this county were not formed to support charities but to donate to them.

Now that is something that you can look into because if you want the Gaming Commission to be around for awhile, it had better find a better way of getting revenue, or it may need your increase to have money to give to charities.

Angie Harsh


Rank-and-file should be heard

To the editor:

This suggestion was passed on to Governor-elect Robert Ehrlich regarding a state agency listening tour:

Rank and file state employees are really hurting, but they really would be encouraged by a listening tour of state agencies by Ehrlich, particularly if such a tour was a true listening tour, without agency supervisors and appointing authorities tagging along and creating an environment wherein state employees would be less likely to speak their minds.

Should the governor-elect visit state agencies in the Hagerstown area, I would be pleased and proud to give him a personal escort and tour of the Hagerstown prison complex.

I'd make sure that he gets to speak with a wide range of correctional employees, and even giving him an opportunity to sit down with a few "old-timer" inmates, who could give him some valuable insight into prison dynamics and their surprising ideas for reform.

Larry D. Kump

Correctional Case

Management Specialist II

Roxbury Correctional Institution


We'll miss editorial page

To the editor:

Some good things must end, and my writing letters to your newspaper is over. Whether they rated "good" or "bad" is for one to discuss. I regret that I should have worked more on some.

We are moving in the next few days to Eden, N.C. We are to live in an assisted-care facility, for we are in our seventies. With a name like Eden, it must be wonderful.

We thank you for finding space on your editorial pages for our letters.

We wish the readers health, happiness and peace. May God bless all of you.

Eugene Lincoln


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