Mail Call for 12/23

December 24, 2002

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I want to say Merry Christmas to the Mail Call staff. You are the greatest. May you have a Merry Christmas and may your New Year be even brighter than the brilliant column you have every day. I would like to know if any Mail Call readers know where I can purchase a mantel, a wooden shelf that sits over the fireplace. I would just like to hang it on the wall."

"I am not the brightest light bulb on the tree, but I consider myself in the middle. But can someone tell me exactly what Paul C. Leatherman of Smithsburg was trying to say in his editorial on A4 on Thursday, Dec. 19?"


"Washington County needs to clean up its outskirts. Some of our neighborhoods east of town look like junkyards. Also, if you have a squat dealer's license, does that include leaving four and five cars sitting without tags for years and years? Someone needs to investigate this."

"Have our county zoning laws changed or is it just that they enforce it for certain people and others they choose to ignore? About a year ago, we weren't allowed to have a car sitting without tags, but in my area, some people have four and five. I think this needs to be looked into. I am sure that these inspectors ride around and see this, but they choose to ignore it."

"Merry Christmas, C.J. I love you, from Mommy."

"There are a number of dump trucks hauling dirt back Jordan Road. They are scattering dirt all over the road. They are ruining our yards and the road. Someone should look into this."

"Does anyone know if there is an organization where coats are given that they can be given to someone in need - not someone who just wants one, but someone who really needs them?"

"It didn't take John Munson very long after he was elected commissioner, to change his mind about wanting to give the commissioners a $10,000 raise, did it?"

- Hagerstown

"Any organization requesting public funding should be required to make full disclosure of its finances."

- Hagerstown

"I want to respond to the Mail Call about the citywide collection for the tree limbs that fell during the ice storm. If the trees fell on your land, then you should be responsible to clean up your own rubbish, not have someone else do. If you have trees on your land, then that is your responsibility."

"About the dogs at Fairgrounds Park. I see no problem at all, as long as the owner cleans up after the dog and keeps the dog under control. If we decide to keep dogs out, then we have to keep children out. I have seen destruction of two small trees by kids sled riding at the park during the past snow. Dogs don't cause destruction and their master is with them. Where are the parents? So if you decide to ban dogs, then ban children. Just remember that dog owners pay taxes, too. Don't forget all the things that dogs do for this country, rescue, police, drug and bomb detection. Then there is 9/11, dogs were used to find the dead and rescue the injured. So if you are anti-dog, then you are anti-American."

"Mr. Munson must have taken his lessons from Mr. Swartz. Mr. Swartz was a double -minded man, first he was, then he wasn't. Now Munson, he is going to do something, then the next day he isn't."

"I don't think Tim Rowland needs to apologize for anything. He tells it like it is. I thought the citizens of Washington County was intelligent enough to keep a couple of the new elected commissioners out of office. Munson sure pulled the wool over yours eyes, didn't he?"

"It didn't take very long for John Munson to prove what he is, a typical politician. He said one thing, what people wanted to hear, just so he could get his votes. Then once in office, he changes, he says the opposite."

"I want to wish Betty and Albert a Merry Christmas, from your four sons."

"A good recipe to put over meatballs is equal amounts of chili sauce and grape jelly. Mix together heat it up in a crock pot. Let the meatballs soak in it. It sweetens our meatballs and its easy."

"Two spots that have free calendars, Roto-Rooter in Hagerstown and Locust Point Market."

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