FSU center enrollment is increasing

December 20, 2002|by PEPPER BALLARD

HAGERSTOWN - Enrollment at The Frostburg State University Center in Hagerstown is the second highest in the center's 14-year history, according to school officials.

There are 426 students enrolled at the center this year, second only to the fall 1995 enrollment of 427.

It is the fourth consecutive semester of increases, dating from a recent low of 387 in the fall of 2000, said James Shaw, director of the FSU Center.

"When there's a tough economy, people go to school; and you think it would be the opposite," he said.

He said the FSU Center typically gets students who at one point interrupted their college careers for jobs or families.

Shaw said he's pleased students are making the investment to go back to school.

A recent turnaround in enrollment at Hagerstown Community College, the principal feeder school for the Frostburg center, also have helped the center's numbers, he said.


Shaw said FSU has increased its education course offerings, a move he said has helped increase enrollment. He said enrollment in that area has grown by more than 100 students since spring 1999.

The number of accounting students has declined both at the center and nationwide, and Shaw said the believed the profession's new five-year college requirement is responsible.

He said people get excited about the University System of Maryland coming to town, but forget about the FSU Center, which has had steady enrollment since it opened in the fall 1988 with 114 students.

FSU offers a nursing degree from The University of Maryland, Baltimore as well as undergraduate majors in accounting, business administration, justice studies, liberal studies and sociology.

The FSU Center offers graduate degrees in business administration, nursing, education and arts in teaching, a new program for adults who have a degree but lack certification to teach.

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