Mail Call for 12/19

December 20, 2002

"Nobody has the right to invade the privacy of others. Another behind the closed door meeting. There is no need to hire six rental inspectors and who will they be - relatives of our politicians."

"From a group of people who love music of all types, especially organ music. We have been to Christmas productions at The Maryland Theatre for the last three years. We are saddened to see that the organ doesn't get cleaned anymore. We have been to the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, Pa., and The Weinberg Center in Frederick, Md., and have heard some great music from their organs."

"To John Munson, you are a bunch of hot air! You said you would release John Howard's information and you haven't. You said you would give back the $10,000 salary, you haven't. Now I see you said no taxes and you are in favor of impact fees. I wish you could be impeached."


"To the person who said he was too big for a seat belt, yeah, extensions may be a good thing. But for your own safety and well-being, maybe it's time that a few pounds lost wouldn't hurt."

"Why doesn't John Munson go ahead and resign?"

"You know I am so tired of hearing about these County Commissioners and their raises. I think they deserve their raise. If they do their job, $30,000 a year is nothing. I wish they would stop playing games. Why don't all five of them give $10,000 of it to charity and stop playing everyone for votes?"

"Just read the Daily Mail on Dec. 17. John Munson, you said you wouldn't take the extra $10,000 increase. Give it to the Community Free Clinic or the Salvation Army kettle. They are people who need it. That is what you ran on in the Nov. 5 election. Give it to them."

"This is for Commissioner-elect Munson, put up or shut up. You mouth off about the secret retirement of the past commissioner. You now have a copy, put up or shut up. You said you can't give back the approved pay raise. Why don't you donate it to the Salvation Army? I read where the kettle collections are down about $10,000."

"Mr. Munson sure has changed his tune since he got in there as County Commissioner. I think he forgot all the promises he made while he was campaigning."

"I have a question: Does anyone know if it is legal to ride those scooters that they are selling in Mercersburg, Pa., for $199? I see on Channel 25 that they ride them in the streets. They can go shopping with them and they are for college kids, too. I am wondering if they would be allowed to be ridden in the streets here as they are shown on TV?"

"John Munson should give that $10,000 raise to charity. In fact, it would make a nice scholarship to a community college. It would send several kids to college for an entire year. Think about it."

"I want to wish my mailman, Steve, a very happy holiday. I also want to thank him for being a great mailman and for being a nice person. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday and a happy New Year. From one of your customers, Helen."

"To the City of Hagerstown, are you going to have a city-wide collection of tree limbs due to the recent storm? This is something to think about. We need to do something with all this rubbish."

"I just wanted to say good job to all the first- and fifth-graders of Bester Elementary at the Christmas pageant Monday night. They did a great job."

"I want to say good job to the town of Williamsport for their great display at Byron Memorial Park with the Christmas lights. They decorate more than Hagerstown."

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