Letters to the editor - 12/18/02

December 18, 2002

Food policy only hurts kids

To the editor:

It has come to my attention yesterday that my child had a hamburger patty and a slice of cheese stripped off of his plate in the lunch line at Lincolnshire Elementary because his lunch account was depleted. He forgot to bring the check that we sent to school with him to the lunch room and this was only to be his second "charged" lunch.

Instead of simply asking him if he had money to put into his account or anything like that, they took the hamburger patty and slice of cheese off of his plate and threw it away in front of him. So how did they save any money?

They didn't! Instead of just letting him eat lunch and sending home a notice that my child had not paid for his lunch, they humiliated him and let him go hungry for the remainder of the day.


At the time that the food services person removed the hamburger and cheese from my child's plate, he began to cry and said "but I'm really hungry." She told him she didn't care that he didn't have any money to eat a full lunch and to move along so that other children could get through the line.

I am absolutely appalled at the way my son was treated. I understand the school system's situation with parents not paying for their children's lunches; however I do not feel that the children should be the ones punished and especially by not letting them have food.

I've expressed my concerns to the Director of Food Services for the Washington County Board of Education and to date the only response I've received from him was basically a quote of the policy.

Hopefully, through public awareness we can prevent this type of situation from happening again in the future, not only to my child but to any children in our community.

Lee Ann Tardino


Not too straight

To the editor:

Congratulations to Tommy Bowers and Bob Bruchey on your wins in the recent election.

There has been a lot of talk recently about "straight-ticket" voting, so it must really be true that you won. Can't wait for your swearing-in ceremonies.

Another theory about this last election is that the Republicans for the most part had candidates that better reflected the values of our community.

George Michael

Big Pool

Fire/rescue benefit plan ripe for abuse

To the editor:

With the election just recently over, the new Washington County Commissioners are going to have their hands full balancing the county budget. The LOSAP benefit that is for active personnel within the Washington County fire and rescue departments is one I feel should be looked at. This benefit is going to cost the county a lot of money.

This program was a good idea. It was designed to reward active personnel with a state tax break and a retirement for time served within the volunteer fire and EMS companies.

The new commissioners need to look at who is going to receive benefits from this program.

Companies are becoming social halls where friend and family join to receive these benefits.

Friends and family are put on committees such as fund-raising, sign, public relations, etc., to receive LOSAP points to be eligible for these benefits while putting in only two hours a month. One person at each company is in charge of the program, usually a board member. This person picks and chooses who and if you get LOSAP points, or get put on a committee.

It would be a shame for active personnel to lose this program because of abuse of some.

I don't feel the program needs to be eliminated, it just needs someone to oversee who will be receiving benefits so it does not get out of hand.

Mike Baker


Restaurant needs some manners

To the editor:

Imagine this - 12 couples decide to go out for lunch before attending a matinee at a local theater. They split into groups of four as they enter the restaurant. Each couple asks for a separate check, as the waitress takes their orders, and it is no problem.

At the same restaurant a group of 24 has a reservation for lunch. They are herded to the second floor and given a limited menu, simply because they, too, had asked for separate checks when making the reservations.

Will some restaurant owner, perhaps the one where this occurred, please explain to me how 12 couples at six tables asking for separate checks does not constitute a problem but 24 folks with reservations do?

I was always taught that "customers" are the livelihood of retailers, wholesalers and yes, even restaurants. Someone obviously gave me the wrong information. It seems in today's world that customers are more of a bother than anything. Amazing, isn't it, that a businessman can operate on this premise and then sit back and scratch his head when his business fails.

Thanks to restaurants like Fireside at The Plaza and Antrim House in both Hagerstown and Greencastle, Pa., for realizing that customer service is important. These two establishments have never put restrictions on us when we have made reservations.

N. Wallech


Try Olivia's

To the editor:

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