Borough Council may vote on sidewalk issue

December 18, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - A decision by Renfrew Museum officials to drop their opposition to a sidewalk linking Waynesboro with Washington Township paves the way for a possible vote on the issue by the Waynesboro Borough Council tonight.

"We anticipate that the borough council will vote in favor of the sidewalk so we can move forward," Washington Township Administrator Mike Christopher said.

The $325,000 walkway has been a source of controversy among the agencies involved over its location and potential negative effects on Renfrew property, part of which lies in the walkway's proposed path.


Renfrew Committee Inc., the board that runs the museum and park, balked at the plan because its original path was too far into the property off Pa. 16, which the sidewalk would parallel on the south side. The members also worried that the park would lose trees during the construction and they insisted that the park not be held liable for any legal action stemming from accidents on the walkway.

Renfrew Committee Chairman John W. Keller said Tuesday all of the issues were resolved in a closed door meeting last week with borough and township officials. He sent a letter to the council saying the committee now backs the proposal.

The closed meeting was called by State Sen. Terry Punt, R-Waynesboro, who secured the funding for the nearly mile-long sidewalk.

In October, Punt became perturbed when borough and Renfrew officials failed to come to an agreement on the project. At one point Punt threatened to pull the grants and send the money to another community in his district.

Punt and Washington Township officials say the sidewalk is needed to protect pedestrians walking along the busy stretch of road.

The walkway would run from the Waynesboro Mall on the borough's eastern edge, along the south side of Pa. 16, through the edge of Renfrew to Welty Road in Washington Township effectively connecting Waynesboro Mall with Wayne Heights Mall.

Borough Council President Douglas Tengler said he expects the council to approve the sidewalk when it votes tonight.

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