Letters to the editor - 12/17/02

December 17, 2002

Inspections would help

To the editor:

In response to Kurt Cushwa's letter to the editor of Dec 9, I believe Cushwa is absolutely correct in his assessment of the value of the proposed rental inspections.

The inspection process is not only there for the tenants benefit but also will serve as a valid tool for the landlords as well. As a previous renter and a current owner, I also see the value of inspections from both viewpoints. The annual cost of the inspection is minimal to the damage that can be created by careless and thoughtless tenants. It is also a minimal cost to the tenant to be assured that the rental unit will be guaranteed to be at an acceptable level.

However, there is another plus to the inspection system. By removing the rundown conditions and poor tenants, the value of the neighborhood will also increase. It does not require many poor rental units or poor tenants to visibly destroy a neighborhood.


The best people leave when the area becomes rundown and unsafe. If there is no pride in the neighborhood or camaraderie within its members, the best leave. This is how slums are created where fine communities once were. I wish we had the system in Waynesboro.

Ronald Stitely

Waynesboro, Pa.

Don't can trash pick-up

To the editor:

Hagerstown City Council members, please do not give up the twice-yearly bulk trash pick-up. Many who have the greatest number of items to be picked up either could not or would not pay to have them picked up. The resulting trash can and would accumulate in buildings, yards and on the street.

Again, please continue this essential service. Let's keep Hagerstown clean.

Katherine E. Buehling


Allegheny a friend

To the editor:

Recently I was pleased to read a Herald-Mail editorial regarding Allegheny Power.

In addition to Allegheny's long record of community involvement, service and resources, Allegheny has earned "good friend" status and should enjoy a helping hand from the community.

Friendship is a two-way street. Hagerstown has turned its back on a good neighbor and friend. Allegheny Power is a viable company and one which I believe will survive its present difficulties.

I hope Hagerstown's new supplier of electrical power, Dominion Resources, responds as well to community needs.

E.W. Huffman


Me wrong? Never!

To the editor:

I want to thank Douglas Scott Arey for his LTE of Dec 9 and would make the following observations:

First, Mr. League did not, as you say, "ever so subtly put to rest the lie" to the Nov. 23 letter to the editor by Edward James, "Voters reject Socialist Candidates." Or as I referred to them "socialist, left-leaning, tax-and-spend liberals." The fact is every one of them was soundly defeated - rejected. The candidates they endorsed who were elected were either moderate or conservative in their views.

Second, I believe you are in error when you allege that I made an "outrageous allegation...that the editors would endorse KKT for governor." I have no recollection of that letter and cannot locate such in my files. Maybe you would be so kind as to remind me of it. If you are correct I will humbly apologize.

Third, I was not/am not a supporter of Robert Ehrlich. He is pro-choice and in favor of gambling expansion to include race tracks (in Western Maryland) and slots at race tracks, both of which I strongly oppose.

Fourth, the reason I did not concede the error of my ways is because I made no error (see above). I believe you are attacking me for something that never occurred. (By the way, what is a mea culpa?)

Finally, I will give The Herald-Mail genuine credit when I think it deserves it; like when it brings some legitimate objective influence into its news gathering organization and stops pushing its liberal agenda through it, and gets some genuine conservatives on its editorial staff.

Edward L. James


(Editor's note: Due to an error by the editorial page editor, when this letter was published Dec. 14, "either" was changed to "neither." The Herald-Mail regrets the error.)

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