Mail Call for 12/16

December 17, 2002

"I just wanted to say to all of the workers who have been out in the ice storm since Wednesday. Some of them didn't get home until after midnight on Thursday. I know you guys have been trying to get everyone's power back on and you all are being thought of."

"In reference to 'should dogs be allowed in the Fairgrounds.' Personally, I think dogs should be allowed in all the county parks as long as the owner is responsible for what they do and what they leave."

"To the lady who said that she hasn't seen her dad for 25 years. What do you think of parents who claim to be Christians and live in the same town as their daughter and son who are both in their 50s? But, because my brother and I wouldn't allow our parents to run our lives, they threw us away like garbage. Isn't that sad, now around Christmas? To all you parents of grown children, you don't have to like the mates of your children. Whatever happened to old- fashioned unconditional love? We have to live with our mates, not you. We are still your children. Merry Christmas."


- Hagerstown

"I don't understand why we have to have three phone books here in Washington County."

"What is being built near the Outback Steakhouse Restaurant? We saw something being built around there. Is it going to be another restaurant?"

"What businesses out there are giving away free calendars? Some businesses used to give away calendars. If you were a customer there, then you would get one. Are there still any businesses out there that are giving calendars away for 2003?"

"I was disappointed after the snowstorm. I tried to drop someone off at the courthouse downtown and I was shocked to see that all the snow was put into the handicapped spot but the other spots were cleaned out."

"A lady asked, in Tuesday's paper, how to get ink off a baby doll's face. Try using toothpaste. I have used it before and it does work on some materials."

"To the caller about the house by Black Rock Golf Course, the house is on Parkwood and to the other called who was ranting about the county residents being subsidized for water and sewer by the city resident. The last time I checked, the county residents still pay the water and sewer to the city."

"I want to comment on the move of the Washington County Hospital. I want to say that after living here for over 30 years, it doesn't really matter where they move as long as they give the quality care that their patients need."

"I loved the cookie recipes. I already tried one of them and they were delicious. Thanks for the layout of the recipes. It was easy to clip out the ones you wanted to use."

"I was reading Thursday's paper page A3 about the two men who robbed a woman and cut her throat. Whoever wrote the article didn't do such a good job because they used the expression, 'Long said" five times in a short seven- paragraph article."

'"To the person who said about saving money for Christmas on Dec. 12. In case you haven't noticed, it is close to Christmas and therefore stores are in dire need of help anyway because everyone is busy. Use your head and think some common sense."

"Thanks to the power angels from Allegheny working late Thursday night into Friday morning a.m. Our power is back on. Merry Christmas from North Colonial Park."

"I want to say thank you to our mailman and our newspaper carrier for delivering our paper and mail during the ice storm."

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