Mail Call for 12/13

December 16, 2002

"I read the article in Wednesday's paper that Sheriff Mades put in concerning the money collections out at the corner of Massey and Halfway boulevards. I am in agreement with him. I think the donations should be done some other way, rather than holding traffic up and almost causing accidents and them almost getting run over. I think there should be a state law having this banned and we move on to something else."

"Does anyone know any organizations that are selling the Corbi's Pizza for a fund-raiser? They are so good. If so, put it in Mail Call because I am interested in buying a lot of them."

"Mayor and Council of Hagerstown and all other city workers should go to Williamsport to see how to really decorate for Christmas. Downtown Hagerstown is pathetic looking and it gets worse every year. Obviously, someone needs to help the City of Hagerstown with its decorations."


"I am looking for a recipe that is good to put over meatballs."

"To Bill Wivell, you hit the nail on the head. Rod Shoop thinks that he is running the county. He doesn't realize that the County Commissioners are the boss, not him. It is time for him to go. We need a new county administrator right now."

"I was at Kmart the other day and I was astonished to find that there were more than dozens of names still on the angel tree that people have not bought presents for yet. My four children and I took off a name and bought presents for a small child who would not have Christmas. Please remember to grab a name off the angel tree and make some child happy on Christmas morning. You only have today (Friday, Dec. 13) yet to get it turned back in."

"To John Munson, you said when you got the information on John Howard, you would put it in the paper. Let's do it, let's hear the deal, Mr. Munson."

"The lady who put the recipe in for the impossible pumpkin pie. She didn't say how much pumpkin or coconut to put in the pie."

"I want to say to all the city light men who were out in the ice storm from Wednesday morning until well into the evening, job well-done, men."

"In response to the person who thinks that the millionaires, with their million-dollar houses, should help the free clinic. You sound bitter. Do you have a job? Those millionaires had to spend many years working their way to the top. A lot of sacrifice and determination to succeed and a good work ethic is what it takes. Why do so many people have a grudge against successful people and think that those who have more owe them something? I am the working poor and I don't think anyone owes me anything. I depend on myself. What is wrong with you people out there? Work hard and you too will be a millionaire, then see if you want to give all of your hard- earned money to a bunch of moochers."

"I want to respond to the Mail Call about the person who lives beside a park and is having all kinds of problems with the kids and the parents. I don't live beside a park but I live beside a place where kids are always around and I know where you are coming from. I have had problems throughout the summer and the problem is the parents, that is where the problem starts. They have no respect for anyone or anything, therefore, that is how their children are being raised. If they have no respect, then their children won't have any respect either. As for the problem getting solved, it probably won't because it all depends on the parent."

"The city gives homeowners a time limit to shovel their sidewalks. I would like to know what that time limit is because where I live there is a homeowner, she works, but she has kids old enough to go out and work. Why aren't these kids out there shoveling while she is out there working? If someone slips and falls, it is going to be her responsibility."

"This is Harry and I am calling in regard to the article that Sheriff Mades had in about the solicitors at Halfway and Massey boulevards. I think if they are from another state or another county, they should do it in their own county. There is a proper place for that kind of stuff, not out there. As far as the Commissioners doing anything about it, I doubt if they would do anything at all."

"All the snow and ice that we have gotten has created havoc but when you sit back and look at it, isn't it just beautiful?"

"I am calling about the rental properties inspections article in Wednesday's paper. It states that the Landlords Association is 39 signatures short. This is one renter who would be glad to sign that petition to bring it down to 38 signatures they need. I am sure that there are still a lot of valid voters in Washington County who would be glad to sign that petition, if only we knew where to go to sign it. I was, unfortunately, out of town on Election Day or I would have signed it then. So put something in the paper, Landlords Association, so we know where to go to sign them. I don't know why there has to be an inspection to be done unless there is a problem."

"To the young person who stole my ATM card and my driver's license at Wal-Mart on Dec. 3. You didn't waste any time spending my money at Home Depot. I am a senior and you know that. I live on Social Security. Now I have no money to pay my bills or buy food for the month and I will have no heat. Why don't you return my property and my money? You know where I live and who I am. I will know who you are and where you will be living for the next few years. Surprise, you are on camera!"

"TV news reporters should look at their co-anchors when co-anchors are speaking. Don't stare into the camera at all times."

- Hagerstown

"The staff and residents of the Anita Lynne Home would like to extend a special thanks to the most generous diner at Richardson's this past Sunday. Again, many thanks."

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