Letters to the editor - 12/16/02

December 16, 2002

Salary study an amazing waste

To the editor:

A great way to start any day is with a nice hot cup of coffee and The Morning Herald. Good or bad, news is still news. However, every once in awhile, there is something that pops out of the paper and rubs a person the wrong way. I read in Wednesday's paper where the County Commissioners are going to spend $60,000 on a study that will recommend whether county employees should receive pay raises in the fiscal year 2004.

In these days, when employment is down, factories are closing, companies are down-sizing and the stock market looks like a yo-yo, I would think that any county government would be very careful where and how its monies are spent. In the article, Human Resources Director Alan Davis says he thinks the study shouldn't be a problem to complete.

If this is the case, then why aren't the County Commissioners, with the help of other county departments, doing the study themselves instead of paying some outsider $60,000 to do it?


Davis also says that finding money for salary increases would be a real challenge. Again, if this is the case, then by all means, use the $60,000 towards those salary increases and don't waste it by spending it on a study that you should do yourselves.

I feel certain that the voters of Washington County voted the commissioners into office because they felt they were the most qualified for the job, and that the commissioners would make the best decisions for them and the county.

In closing, I pray the County Commissioners would rethink what they are doing and work towards saving money and not wasting it. God bless all of them.

Tom Misiewicz

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Overspending abounds in county

To the editor:

Is it that the new alliance supports tax increases, or the new alliance supports their pay increases?

Jan Schmidt, you have a lot of Washington County taxpayers who would disagree with what you said about the problems not being a result of overspending, but inadequate revenues. Here is a list of overspending: $288 a night for a motel - why? $730,000 fuel station, $1.13 million for an old block building, $300,000 to a movie company and much more to a cleaning service.

It was stated the commissioners don't need that much money, and drive those gas guzzlers. So there is a problem of overspending. The taxpayer didn't spend it. Go to the Forty West landfill and look at the office, the bridge and the gazebo. When you want the best with taxpayers money, it will always be inadequate revenue. The land and buildings they bought all over Washington County. Are they getting any tax out of them? No.

Land taxes go up and you people give yourself a raise. How is that going to help anything, Jan Schmidt? Lay off some employees, take a pay cut, thousands of others did. Stop living in the lap of luxury on taxpayers' money.

At least with winter here, you won't be playing golf. That's a break for the taxpayers.

John Baker

Clear Spring

Mutterings shed light

To the editor:

I hate to sound "dogmatic" but you canine "fight City Hall." City Hall will not change as long as irresponsible dog owners refuse to respect our jewel - City Park.

I find it a paradog that the late Marty Snook had a pet cemetery and yet the lovely park built in his honor says "No Dogs Allowed."

The feds are more fido friendly. You can walk your dog along the towpath and the Burnside Bridge, (leash, plastic bag and scooper in hand).

Even the Pres has a dog that might, just might do his doo-doo on the White House lawn.

Oh well, pardon my doggerel.

Nancy Winger


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