Four items puts me in express line

December 16, 2002|by MARK KELLER

This column will be done in the same fashion I do my Christmas shopping: Quick and to the point.

  • It's good to hear that Bud Selig has decided to listen to Pete Rose's case.

    As a longtime Reds and Rose fan, that's all I've been hoping for since Pete first applied for reinstatement. He was promised that opportunity when he accepted his ban and baseball owes him at least that much.

    I wouldn't blame Selig and baseball's other powers at all if they decided Rose has no place in baseball because of his "alleged" gambling indiscretions.

    That's their call, and don't think they won't invoke the "best interests of the game" argument if they feel it's necessary, even though Rose could do more good for the game if he is a part of it.


What really needs to change is the idiotic rule that the Hall of Fame imposed to keep Rose out after he accepted his lifetime ban.

Perhaps that's a cause that Martha Burke can take up when she's finished with Augusta.

  • What's the matter with the Maryland basketball team all of a sudden?

    Well, outside of point guard Steve Blake, they really don't have a lot of experience in their starting lineup. They're still learning to play together.

    They'll end up just fine, win 18-to-20 games and get into the NCAA Tournament. But don't bank on a third straight trip to the Final Four.

  • Even though I vowed not to do so, I got caught up in the LeBron James hype this week and watched some of his nationally-televised game on Thursday.

    The kid is good, no doubt about that.

    Is he as good as Jerry Stackhouse, Tracy McGrady and Jason Capel were when they showed their stuff in this area? Maybe, but it's hard to tell.

    I do know one thing. James needs to smile a little more. Intensity is one thing, but try to have a little fun, too.

    Everyone is watching you, which is what you wanted. You should at least smile about that.

  • The calls have been coming fast and furious over the last 10 days.

    "When will the All-Area teams be coming out?"

    Never fear. The first batch of The Herald-Mail's All-Area teams will be released this week.

    Beginning Tuesday, one team will be published per day in the following order: Golf, cross country, girls soccer, boys soccer, volleyball and football.

    A note of clarification on the teams: The All-Area teams are selected by The Herald-Mail writers after consultation with area coaches. In most cases, the All-Washington County teams published by The Herald-Mail are selected by the coaches, not by our staff.

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