Letters to the editor - 12/14/02

December 16, 2002

Evolution track doesn't go to New York

To the editor:

It completely baffles me why The Herald-Mail continues to showcase Allan Powell's unfounded claims on behalf of evolution. His latest claim is that no amount of evidence for evolution would convince some people of its factuality.

I spend time nearly every day studying this subject and I can't imagine to what evidence Powell might be referring. All the evidence with which I am familiar demonstrates either stasis or devolution, not evolution. When life forms change through mutation and natural selection, and they often do, they inevitably change in the wrong direction for evolution's purposes.

If a train pulled out of New Orleans on tracks that disappeared down into the Gulf of Mexico, when would the train arrive in New York? It never would. The changes scientists observe in DNA don't lead upward, either. If Powell wants the public to be convinced by the evidence for evolution I respectfully suggest that his first order of business is to find some evidence for evolution.


Glen Miller


What happened to our holidays?

To the editor:

I am quite confused. Doesn't Thanksgiving come between Halloween and Christmas? Oh, excuse me, we are to call it "The Holidays" or in the schools, "Winter Break."

Why are we giving in to the atheist? Where do they think the celebration of the season originated? There is a name and reason for every holiday, so why ignore the reason for Christmas? I can tell you why, because Christmas means Christ and Mass. But don't remind the unbeliever of this, for it is a no-no.

Then why the gift-giving, having trees and lights. By doing these things they are acknowledging the season as Christ's birthday. Gift-giving symbolizies the gifts the Wise Men presented to Christ, the lights symbolize that Jesus is the light of the world, and the evergreen tree symbolize that He is and always will be there forever.

If you don't want to acknowledge the season for what it is, then stop the aforementioned practice. The stores wouldn't like that would they? That is where their business comes from. Commercializing Christmas has fulfilled their lust for greed for monetary reimbursement.

Acknowledging Xmas for what it is, is not violating separation of church and state and listen up - you Supreme Court judges who are supposed to be intelligent - separation of church and state means we cannot have a government-established church as in England, Italy, etc., but displaying the church's symbols is not the same.

If atheists can proclaim their belief, we have a right to ours. You can see what is happening to our nation by pushing God out. Moral decay is so rampant and until we honor God more it will only get worse. Christians, stand by and honor your God. And Lord help those who don't. More than one nation have fallen when God is dishonored and pushed out and it could happen to us, too, believe me.

Charlotte Decker


Me wrong? Never!

To the editor:

I want to thank Douglas Scott Arey for his letter of Dec. 9 and would make the following observations:

First, Mr. League did not, as you say, "ever so subtly put to rest the lie" to the Nov. 23 letter to the editor by Edward James, "Voters reject Socialist Candidates." Or as I referred to them "socialist, left-leaning tax-and-spend liberals." The candidates they endorsed who were elected were neither moderate or conservative in their views.

Second, I believe you are in error when you allege that I made an "outrageous allegation...that the editors would endorse KKT for governor." I have no recollection of that letter and cannot locate such in my files. Maybe you would be so kind as to remind me of it. If you are correct I will humbly apologize.

Third, I was not/am not a supporter of Robert Ehrlich. He is pro-choice and in favor of gambling expansion to include race tracks (in Western Maryland) and slots at race tracks, both of which I strongly oppose.

Fourth, the reason I did not concede the error of my ways is because I made no error (see above). I believe you are attacking me for something that never occurred. (By the way, what is a mea culpa?)

Finally, I will give The Herald-Mail genuine credit when I think it deserves it; like when it brings some legitimate objective influence into its news-gathering organization and stops pushing its liberal agenda through it, and gets some genuine conservatives on its editorial staff.

Edward L. James


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