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Mail Call for 12/12

December 13, 2002

"I am a very large man and this thing about wearing seat belts is ridiculous. My seat belt won't even go around me. I know it's my fault that I am this big, but what are you supposed to do when you are this big?"

"I think Trent Lott should resign from the United States Senate and go back to Mississippi and pick cotton."

"I wanted to call in and thank Pat Bartlett for the recipe for the alternate chocolate chip cookies that was in Sunday's paper. It was the top 10 cookies. I made those and they were absolutely wonderful! Thanks again."

"I would like to thank my boss Keith for fixing my two flat tires, that someone flattened on purpose. I live on George Street."

"I stood in another department store on Tuesday and I was waiting on someone to help me. They were paged, but nobody ever did come to help me. I understand now why people hate to go out shopping. Nobody has enough help in their stores. You stand around and wait and wait. They promise to get someone to help you, but they seldom do. I guess I will save some money this year, since nobody seems to want to help me."


"For the person who wanted to know how to get ink off of a baby doll's face. If the ink is from a ball point pen, I always use hair spray, spray it on the ink and dab with Kleenex until it comes off completely. It always works for me."

"On Dec. 10, I had an unfortunate incident where I was stuck in ice on the back alley of a road. A nice man helped me out of the ice. So if you are reading this, thank you very much."

"Why should the taxpayers have to subsidize the county residents with water and sewer, if they are too good to come into the city? If you want to live in the county, so be it, but don't ask for city services and expect them to be there whenever you want them. I think the City Council has to take care of their citizens first. We pay the bills for water and sewer, if you want a part of it, then you come into the city."

"About that impossible pumpkin pie. You don't pour the custard into a pie shell. The mixture makes its own pie crust. It doesn't need an extra pie shell, the mixture makes its own crust."

"To the people who live on Kensington Drive. You live on a secondary road, your roads don't get plowed first, if you need to go somewhere, when it calls for the snow, park your vehicle at the bottom of your hill before it snows. Then when it does hit you are already down there."

"This is a resident from the West End and I just thought it would be nice to let you know that we are still here because after the ice storm, the city won't know that we are here, because they won't be able to get through because they never plowed after the snowstorm. We pay taxes. too. How about a salt truck and plow that will do its job."

"I want to thank two snow angels, Claudia, for cleaning my car off and my daughter-in-law for cleaning all the snow from around my car so I can get out."

"Concerning the plumbing, heating and the electrical problems at these houses where there have been fires. I think the mayor should get an investigator from out of town to check out these fires and find out what is causing these fires."

"My wife and I would like to thank and praise our snow angel and pastor David Moore for snow blowing our entire driveway right after it snowed the other day. Many thanks from Ed and Imogene in Greencastle."

"To the lady who wanted to get ink off the baby doll's face. Try vinegar and baking soda or baking soda and peroxide or you might want to rub hair spray on it."

"I was out in the Mt. Aetna, Black Rock area driving around. I saw a home decorated for Christmas as the United States Flag. Does anyone know what the name of this street that this house is on? I would like to take other family members to see it."

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