Mail Call

December 12, 2002

"This is being called in to find out when it becomes the parents responsibility for their children's actions? I live within range of a park where I can see and hear everything that goes on. The children who are there, with parents or not, do not pay attention to signs, fences or walls. They must expect the neighborhood around the park to baby-sit their children. They park in our yard, use our yards and sidewalks, skateboard off building roofs, kick doors in, break up equipment, destroy property, walking off with anything that is not welded down or can't be broken, letting their animals run around like they live there. Even when something is said to the child or parent, they always say, 'Why did you buy a house close to a park, if you are going to complain?' I myself am a parent and my children aren't angels, but they do show respect and responsibility for their actions, which most kids their age don't. My insurance company states that it doesn't matter that I have a fence up with signs warning of dogs and no trespassing, because, 'two year olds can't read.' My question is "Why do I have to protect my property, children and animals from these children in the park? Where is: 'Respect others' property and boundaries and be responsible for any and all of your actions?' That's how my children and I were raised."


"This is a great big thank you to Debbie, who got out of her car in front of the F&M Bank downtown and helped me across the snow and ice. Also to Dawn, who drove me from Ollies to the Valley Mall in her car. You both surely helped a senior citizen. May God bless you both."

"This is Edna from Pecktonville. I would like to thank my son and his friends for being my snow angels. I live about a quarter of a mile off the road and they came up and plowed me out and made sure I had everything I needed."

"I am calling because I haven't seen my dad since I was 25 years old and I am now 39 going on 40 and I wanted to wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. His name is Bob and he is from Clear Spring. Merry Christmas from your daughter and his grandchildren."

"Instead of the city giving homeowners a time to get their sidewalks shoveled. Maybe the city should give the street cleaners a time limit on when to get their streets cleaned. These side streets are dangerous. The residents here at Frederick Manor need to get out and get to our jobs so we can pay our taxes, too."

"In response to the person who said that pro wrestling is dumb and fake. If you think it is so fake, why don't you get in there and do what the men and women in wrestling do. Maybe you don't really know what it is about or you wouldn't make comments like that."

"I want to thank the person who left the stuffed animals on my porch. I didn't receive a note or a phone call, so I donated them to the Salvation Army, I hope that is what you wanted me to do with them. Thank you."

"I want to thank the Washington County Board of Education Custodial Staff for going in and cleaning off the snow and ice off of our school properties. These people don't realize how much they are appreciated. These people are worth their weight in gold and as administrators and teachers don't understand while we are sitting at home waiting for schools to be closed, these guys are already hard at work, cleaning the snow and ice away."

"In regards to the blue jars, call me at 301-223-9262."

"Maybe you millionaires out there that live in these million dollar houses can help the Community Free Clinic so people can have their medicine and eat, too."

"I live in the 200 Block of South Mulberry Street and I would like to thank my snow angel for everything he has done for me. He lives across the street from me and he came over and helped me. He isn't just a snow angel, he is an angel every time I call him."

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