Letters to the editor - 12/11/02

December 11, 2002

Technology is at work in Berkeley

To the editor:

Morgan County, W.Va., Schools Superintendent Steve Paine is very pleased with the progress that has been made in the field of technology at Berkeley Springs High School, thanks to the expertise of Technology Coordinator and teacher Curt Heldreth. Heldreth has headed up the technology studies for three years and has given his students the tools to go out and repair computers on site, install software and do on-site trouble shooting.

A few of his students have gone into business while still minors. Two such students come to mind who are in business today. Andrew Welch is a Web page designer and he is also in charge of the Berkeley Springs High School Web page.

If you want to have a Web page designed, call Andrew Welch and he will be at your service. A second student is my son, Ronnie Payne. He is owner of Nerds R Us. With the skills that Heldreth taught him through the Aries Curriculum, he is an on-site computer guru.


There may be others who have gone into business after completing Heldreth's classes of whom I am not aware. Heldreth's students have saved our county literally thousands of dollars in labor as they have maintained the school's computers for the county. Because of the intense training that these students receive, they are able to keep all of the computer labs operating in Morgan County.

I spoke with one of the technology teachers from Wood County and he was very impressed with the tools that could be acquired at the high school level. He further stated that he was going to see if the Aries Curriculum was going to be taught in the Wood County High Schools.

The students in BSHS technology courses have made a significant savings to the county's budget. Since the PC has fully replaced the typewriter, it is essential that we support the technology department at BSHS as it prepares students to make a significant salary in the field of technology.

Many thanks again to Dr. Steve Paine for hiring Heldreth. Heldreth's investment in Morgan County Schools cannot be measured in the same way as other classes. Most of the classes are dependent upon his ability to keep the system up and running, so to speak. His students play a vital part in doing this.

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W. Va.

Jesus' car is irrelevant

To the editor:

Dear Ms. Skenzay;

Your column, which unfortunately appeared in our paper today, was a shameful attempt to vilify our president and those who do not share your sanctimonious view of what cars people should drive. Evangelicals for Social Action have left their Christian roots for a drive into far left field and idiocy.

The vast majority of clerics in this country would not hold to a left-wing environmental agenda. The clerics who do hold such views are presiding over dying churches that have nothing spiritually to offer their flocks.

The whole "What Would Jesus Drive" campaign is a tragic and bogus attempt to use religion for crass political manipulation. Jesus, for all we know, might have used a Greyhound bus.

Speaking of morality, where do you stand on abortions? Do you think Jesus would have been silent on the killing of 3,900 babies a day in our country? I would like to hear your opinion on that one, though I'm hoping our local paper won't use you too often.

So get off trivializing the gospel message and acting like the chief spokesperson for morality. God willing, we will be able to go our churches in the cars of our choice.

George Michael

Big Pool

Socialists would be proud of us

To the editor:

Are you aware that biblical doctrine was a great influence in early American life, on culture and education, building individual character, responsibility, integrity and moral fiber and creating the backbone of this great nation?

Probably not.

Do you understand and know that the founding of the many leading colleges and universities stipulated the requirements of using the Bible as an English and history text book, or that these institutions of higher learning were in fact founded by leading clergy?

Probably not. The socialists don't want factual history taught.

Do you know that biblical principles and influence are interwoven throughout the Constitution of the United States, giving us our freedoms and liberties that are so envied and desirous around the world, or that 54 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were Christians? Yes, Christians, giving to this nation what the world had never experienced or possessed before.

The expression is adequate: "You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving."

You forgot? The socialist would be elated.

Are you aware that the halls, Rotunda, ceilings, and walls of the United States Congressional Office Building are literally covered with murals, pictures, statues and documentation giving reference to the tremendous impact and influence of Judeo-Christian value and principles.

The socialists would rather you did not know or remember.

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