Altieri, Morgan discuss efforts to prepare students for careers

December 10, 2002

Coining themselves "The Education Twins," Guy Altieri and Elizabeth Morgan were guest panelists, talking to more than 50 business and community leaders Wednesday.

The "Eggs and Issues" event was organized by the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce's Business and Community Development Committee.

Tackling work force development issues, Hagerstown Community College President Altieri and county Public Schools Superintendent Morgan said resources are available not only for students, but also for the business community.

Morgan said a variety of career-directed programs are available to the more than 19,500 students in the school system. Skills are taught, along with studies.

"There are more than 6,300 students in the Career Prep Programs. We invest more than $4 million per year in this effort," Morgan said. For example, she said, there's a new digital training program, with state of the art equipment, to help students be more prepared for jobs in many of the high-tech fields, including printing.


Morgan said one of the main missions of the school system is to help prepare students for careers, and for higher education. "It's our goal to become a world class school system."

Altieri said a significant partnership with the public school system is a must. He said more than 2,800 credit students and more than 7,000 continuing education students are enrolled at HCC.

"Clearly, the learning process, which is the biggest part of work force development, continues at HCC. We continually strive for a seamless cooperative effort with the Washington County Public Schools, and one of our goals is for students to take full advantage of the opportunities and options available."

Altieri said career counseling, in the public schools and at HCC, is more important than ever before. "We all need to do a better job of meeting the needs of young people, and meeting the needs of businesses in the community."

Altieri also talked about the work force development mission of HCC. "Today, it's more a matter of 'learning a living' than of earning a living," he said.

Both he and Morgan outlined resources, including the Career Connections program, and also addressed upcoming fiscal challenges. The impact of the University System of Maryland Hagers-town campus was also discussed.

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