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Mail Call for 12/9

December 10, 2002

"I love dried fruit this time of year and I really love the dried apricots. But the only ones I can find are treated with sulfur dioxide."

"Pro wrestling is so dumb, it is fake."

"In reference to the Town of Williamsport allowing its light truck go home to hang a few lights. It took one hour and 15 minutes and he had permission. Here are some reasons: he works overtime and he has been there for 18 years and knows how to use all the equipment. He had a big hand in decorating the park."

"Mr. Munson, you have all the information you have been screaming about for a few months. Now, tell us all about Mr. Howard."

"I want to agree with the person who called in about the couple that died recently who had a son who was a police officer. I am not saying that police officers are not important, but whether the couple that died had a son who was a police officer, they should have said something more about the couple themselves, not just about their son."


"The judge who criticized the county commissioners for filing suit against the City of Hagerstown's annexation policy is wrong. It is the City Council members who are at fault, not the County Commissioners. The council members have chosen to ignore the current law that prohibits publicly funded utilities from being used to force annexation on unwilling property owners. The city also has a contract with the county to supply services to the county. Even the mayor disagrees with the council's actions."

"I am old and I live in Cedar Lawn and my driveway is filled with snow and my mailbox is blocked and, all of the sudden, a snow angel appears in a yellow jacket, with a mustache. He was driving a tractor. He cleaned out the snow. He is also a preacher around here at the Cedar Lawn Church. You talk about a snow angel, we got one out here. Thank the Lord."

"My name is Phil and I live in the West End of Hagerstown. I am a taxpaying citizen. I pay water and sewer bills, county and state taxes. We are 12 hours into a snowstorm and I have yet to see a snow plow in the West End. How are we supposed to get out to earn money to pay my taxes."

"I would like to thank all my snow angels back here: Abigail Martin shoveled. Scott Andrews snow blowed and plowed. Thank you very much. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I am elderly and I wouldn't have been able to do it myself."

"To the person who is giving advice about Bill Clinton. I don't need any advice from anyone."

"I want to thank the nice lady who gave me a ride on Robinwood Drive on Thursday when I was walking in the snow because my taxi broke down. Nobody else wanted to help and I wanted to thank you very much."

"In regards to the Christmas lights in Williamsport. Not only did they do the park, they did the barn and the pool, too. It is beautiful and I think the workers deserve a big bonus."

"Found on Central Avenue area a mixed rust black female, fixed and declawed cat. Very friendly, has been here on the streets for the past three weeks. Call 301-790-4178 after 5 p.m. She is a lovely cat, we are all trying to keep her fed."

"I live on Clearway Drive in Maugansville and I would like to thank one of my neighbors. His name is Doug. He took his John Deere tractor around our neighborhood and plowed everyone's driveway without being asked to do so and with no reward whatsoever. I just wanted to give this guy a special thanks for being so kind-hearted and generous."

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