Funkstown Council briefs

December 10, 2002|by PEPPER BALLARD

Officials ask Del. Shank for help getting funds

Del. Christopher Shank, R-Washington, visited the Funkstown Mayor and Town Council Monday to ask about the town's funding needs and concerns they would like raised during the next session of the Maryland General Assembly.

"You know we need money," Mayor Robert Kline said.

The Town Council asked Shank for help getting $1 million for the town's wastewater treatment plant. Assistant Mayor Paul Crampton Jr. said the town doesn't have the resources to raise the money.

Shank said the town should consider applying for a share of the county's hotel tax, a portion of which is set aside for municipality projects that include parks and cultural activities.

Crampton said the town would try to get some of that revenue for a park project.

Old Tyme Christmas drew about 600 to town's streets

Rich Gaver, co-chairman of the town's Olde Tyme Christmas event, thanked the Funkstown Mayor and Town Council for their help with Friday's event.


Gaver said the event, which brought about 600 people out to walk the festively decorated streets, had a surprising turnout considering the cold weather.

He said about 100 people took trolley rides.

Decorated houses were judged by J. Herbert Hardin, former Board of Education member, and County Commissioner William J. Wivell.

Winners were:

  • Richard Barnes, first place, contemporary house decoration.

  • Amy Klosterman and Margaret Stoner, tied for first place, Old Tyme house decoration.

  • George Wheelcock, first place, door decoration.

Each first place winner was awarded $25 except Wheelcock, who wouldn't accept the money.

Town will join county's disaster relief plan to feds

The Funkstown Mayor and Town Council decided Monday to piggyback onto a Washington County disaster relief draft instead of writing their own letter.

Funkstown Town Clerk Brenda Haynes told the Town Council that each town is responsible for drafting a letter to the federal government with a disaster relief plan, but may choose to work with the county to prepare their individualized plans.

Drafting a town plan would allow Funkstown to apply for disaster relief from the federal government if it were needed, Haynes said.

Wagon Train group gets permission to use park

The Town Council approved a proposal by the Wagon Train Committee to use the Funkstown Park during the Old National Pike Festival in May.

Funkstown resident and Wagon Train Committee Member Tom Wetzel said this year the festival participants, who ride horse-drawn wagons from Clear Spring to Boonsboro on May 16, 17 and 18, want to get food vendors this year.

The wagon train will stop overnight in Funkstown on May 17.

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