Mail Call for 12/6

December 09, 2002

"No matter what you do with the Baldwin House, what you have done so far had to be done regardless of the use. It's still an old building."

"I read in The Daily Mail on Wednesday where the City Council members are going to decide whether or not to do the bulk trash program pickup every spring and fall that they do. They said they may end the program and begin a new one in which they will pick up bulk trash by appointment and for a fee. People are going to just start dumping it out. They won't know who it belongs to so the city will have to pick it up anyway and they won't know where to send the fine to."

"We need to fill the school board position vacated by Dori Nipps. Let's not waste that position by putting in some hack who will rubber-stamp the superintendent's agenda. Let's put someone in there who actually knows what goes on in the school system. Someone like Bill McKinley who worked for our kids for more than 30 years and recently retired. Let's get him back to work with our kids."


"The County Commuter hasn't been stopping over here on the corner of Williamsport. They are supposed to wait about five minutes in case someone wanted to get on. People have been coming into our restaurant and wondering where the bus is."

"Does anyone know where I can take the pop can tabs from the soda cans to make sure that they get to the Ronald McDonald House? I understand that they collect them and get the money for them."

"I believe that the city and county should get together and solve their problems before they spend all their money in the courts. The only people who will pay for this are the taxpayers of Washington County. The elected officials were elected to make tough decisions, do it! Don't raise my taxes because you want a judge and a court to settle your problems that you can't decide on."

"Can you please print the recipe again for cockroaches and what to use to get rid of them?"

"Doesn't anyone care anymore? Our city of Hagerstown used to be a beautiful town. Now it is like trash city. The poles are only lit halfway up, and the flags are still up from summer."

"I am looking for half-gallon blue mason jars, with the lids for some Christmas projects. I am willing to pay $3 to $4 apiece. They don't need to be old ones. Any information, call and leave your name and number."

"This is a reminder that Hagerstown Christian Women's Club will be having their Dec. 12 meeting at Fountain Head Country Club. We will be back at our regular meeting place in January."

"For the man from St. James who had the thing in the paper who wanted newspapers. I called and spoke to you about it and you said that you would come and pick them up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I set them out on the porch but nobody came to pick them up. If you are still interested, put your number back in the paper, or if you still have my number, give me a call."

"I recall all the discussion in Mail Call last summer about how bad all these old drivers are. But you have to look in the paper at all these accidents in the past week and you will see that almost all of them were caused by someone in their early 20s."

"I want to thank the lady who helped me at the mall on Friday when I was sick. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help."

"I have some beautiful pine cones, well over a bushel of them. They aren't ordinary pine cones. Anyone interested in them, leave your number in Mail Call and I will get back with you."

"I am collecting clothing for a few children who I know who could really use it. If you could find it in your hearts this holiday season to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. Mostly needed are boys size 18-24 months and boys size 4. If you would like to help, call 301-745-3363. Thank you."

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